Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ECNEC approves 1,500 scholarships under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor

ISLAMABAD: The Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) on Wednesday, under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, endorsed PhD Scholarship Program under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor (Phase-1) at a legitimized cost of Rs18.81 billion including outside trade segment of Rs17.714 billion.

Dar led meeting of the ECNEC here on Wednesday. The Committee considered and affirmed different ventures identifying with environmental change, vitality, wellbeing, and advanced education segment.

On a proposition of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, the ECNEC endorsed the venture with respect to Green Pakistan Program – Revival of Forestry Resources in Pakistan at an expected cost of Rs3652.142 million. The venture goes for ranch of indigenous and quickly developing nearby tree species along waterway/street sides in Punjab, KP and Sindh, Olive and Kikar Phulai woods in Kala Chitta, Pabbi Rasul and Fort Monroe in Punjab, Mangrove backwoods in Sindh, Juniper in Balochistan and manor to check disintegration in GB and AJK, and so on.

The activities of Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) Balochistan at an aggregate cost of Rs4,998.91 million with remote trade segment of Rs713.93 million, Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at an aggregate cost of Rs6, 493.55 million including outside trade segment of Rs1, 260.00 million and Sindh Immunization Support Program (SISP) at an aggregate cost of Rs8, 048.92 million including remote trade part of Rs2, 730.00 million were affirmed by the ECNEC.

ECNEC after discourse permitted the Finance Division to discharge improvement stores for officially endorsed 1230 MW (Gross) Combined Cycle Power Plant at Haveli Bahadur Shah and 1223 MW (Gross) Combined Cycle Power Plant Balloki.

ECNEC affirmed Higher Education Commission proposition of PhD Scholarship Program under US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor (stage 1) at an excused cost of Rs18, 810.916 million including outside trade segment of Rs17, 714.698 million. Under this fragment of US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor, HEC will send 1500 PhD understudies to top positioning US colleges. HEC will likewise give advising/direction offices to contender for taking GRE, TOFEL tests and proposition keeping in touch with help understudies in looking for affirmation in US colleges. ECNEC coordinated HEC to guarantee support of understudies/researchers from everywhere throughout the nation on legitimacy.

ECNEC additionally endorsed HEC proposition for foundation of Sub Campuses of Public Sector Universities at locale level at an excused cost of Rs5, 206.28 million. Under this venture, grounds of colleges will be set up in locale where no such offices exist up until now.

ECNEC endorsed the consistence provide details regarding Neelam Jhelum Hydroelectric Project with the course to WAPDA to figure legitimate arrangement rules in the light of the Ministry of Water and Power proposals and to hold fast to the timetables.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Five public sector universities in KP functioning without VCs

PESHAWAR: At slightest five open segment colleges in the area are at present working without a bad habit chancellor.

This is bringing about regulatory issues in the colleges. Additionally, this demonstrates the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI)- drove coalition government's absence of earnestness about higher education.The inability to make opportune arrangement of normal bad habit chancellors and master bad habit chancellors in the colleges is likewise an infringement of the Universities Act, which saw various revisions by the present government.

Directly, the University of Peshawar, Bacha Khan University Charsadda, University of Swabi and Malakand University are without a bad habit chancellor.The office at the University of Peshawar fell empty on January 24 with the retirement of Prof Dr Rasul Jan. The staying three colleges are without a bad habit chancellor since January 16.

The bad habit chancellors of the University of Haripur, Khushal Khan University Karak and Bannu University of Science and Technology likewise finished their term on January 16. As genius bad habit chancellors had as of now been selected there, they assumed control as acting leaders of those colleges.

The common government in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Act (Amended) 2016 uniquely made the post of expert bad habit chancellors in people in general part colleges and made the administration bound to start the way toward selecting a full time bad habit chancellor six months preceding the fulfillment of the residency of the occupant so that the act of advertisement hocism could be finished.

Be that as it may, the specialists worried from one perspective neglected to delegate master bad habit chancellors in every one of the colleges and furthermore postponed the procedure of arrangement of new bad habit chancellors. This is the reason that few colleges are presently without a standard bad habit chancellor or even an acting one, which is an infringement of the law go by the present government.

As per Khalid Khan, Additional Secretary Higher Education Department, synopses for arrangement of star bad habit chancellors have as of now been moved and an official choice was normal.

Be that as it may, he was not able give appropriate defense for the unnecessary deferral in the process.According to sources, the synopses for arrangement of ace bad habit chancellors at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar and University of Peshawar were moved nine months back yet the arrangement couldn't be made because of "political weight".

This is the reason that the UET Peshawar has been working under an acting bad habit chancellor for more than one year.Additional Secretary Khalid Khan said they were confronting issues in naming an expert bad habit chancellor in the University of Swabi and Bacha Khan University Charsadda due to the non-accessibility of senior employees.

He said the instance of the University of Malakand was distinctive, where the KP Universities' Act can't be amplified and they had moved an outline for arrangement of an acting bad habit chancellor.Owing to the non-accessibility of the bad habit chancellors the colleges are confronting regulatory and scholarly issues.

At a few colleges even blunder was reported.At the Bacha Khan University, the primary commemoration of the psychological militant assault was watched as of late, however due to the non-arrangement of the bad habit chancellor there was confusion and motto droning.

None of the dignitaries at the government and commonplace level could visit the Bacha Khan University to stretch out sensitivities to the dispossessed families, the understudies and the employees of the organization.

At the University of Swabi, the previous bad habit chancellor left the accuse of the treasurer of the college, who can't go about as leader of the seat of higher reviews by any defense. At the University of Peshawar too the bad habit chancellor left the charge to recorder and the authoritative officers at the enlistment center's office were stressed over marking the 'dire degrees' not to mention different capacities.

"What might we do with the pressing degrees, which can be issued simply after the mark of the bad habit chancellor. This is a difficult issue. Individuals do make a difference for critical degree attributable to squeezing need," said an officer.

At Malakand University, where every one of the forces are bad habit chancellor-driven, the circumstance is serious. This is the college which lacks any full time enlistment center and treasurer and the bad habit chancellor has been with everything taken into account. Presently, as there is no bad habit chancellor even minor choice relating to organization or scholastics can't be taken.

The understudies of this college were planned to leave for a review visit on January 24, yet they couldn't do as such due to the non-accessibility of the bad habit chancellor. The present organization can't choose even to purchase fuel for power generators and inferable from unscheduled power loadshedding extreme issues are confronted.

The marking of degrees and taking other scholastic and managerial issues are far bigger.Some senior teachers in a casual talk at the University of Peshawar were heard saying that the deferral in arrangement of master and acting and standard bad habit chancellors for open part colleges were sufficient to demonstrate the enthusiasm of the commonplace training division in advanced education. Some others were of the supposition that same was the circumstance at each office in the territory.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

LCWU reduces PhD fee

LAHORE - The Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has reported diminishing expense for PhD understudies and shaped 12 individuals Doctoral Committee for help and to figure reasonable charge structure counseling with other open segment colleges. Bad habit Chancellor Prof Dr Rukhsana Kausar, while tending to senior members and HoDs, said that limiting the charge will bolster investigate culture in varsity and would pull in an ever increasing number of understudies to wind up research researchers.

She trusted that diminished charge structure will be affirmed by the syndicate before PhD affirmations planned one month from now. She guided chief research to promptly issue investigate give for existing examination researchers of LCWU. The VC said that with the support of workforce, she would endeavor hard to bring LCWU among main 500 colleges of the world while her accentuation will be on the scholastic perfection and research headway.

Dr Kausar said that the Punjab government has given a complete guide to people in general area colleges to help raising their general institutional models as per widespread prerequisites. Creating research standard will help Pakistan to create learning economy and deliver different new monetary chances to ease neediness at the grassroots. She said that personnel ought to likewise endeavor to rise above customary disciplinary impediments in quest for scholarly combination and build up a steady culture of scholastic venture and learning business. LCWU should likewise be set up to convey advanced education and advance inventive thinking in understudies.

The VC underlined to work imaginatively and encourage change understudies to develop as considerably more prominent strengths of societal change. Dr Kausar included that the college instruction is a basic segment of human improvement around the world. An informed masses is fundamental in this day and age of 21st century, with the focalized effects of globalization, the expanding significance of learning as a primary driver of development and the data and correspondence upheaval.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Indian teacher arrested for ‘molesting’ 11-year-old girl

MUMBAI: A 49-year-old Vashi teacher was captured after the mother of a class V understudy documented a police grievance affirming that he had touched her 11-year-old little girl improperly amid school hours.

The instructor has been reserved under IPC Section 354 (strike or criminal drive to lady with purpose to shock her humility) and Section 7 of the POCSO Act.

In her protestation, the young lady guaranteed that the educator had touched her improperly on the shoulder and trunk amid physical instruction class. At the point when different understudies prodded her about it, she grumbled to her mom, who then moved toward the primary. At the point when the young lady's folks and different guardians achieved the school and attempted to whip the instructor, the key educated the police.

"The occurrence occurred in the main week of January and a FIR was enlisted on January 6. The educator was captured around the same time and sent to police guardianship for two days," said senior controller Ajay Landge. The educator was later sent to authoritative guardianship remand. He is by and by in Thane imprison.

Landge stated, "In his announcement to the police, the educator said his demonstration was unexpected as he may have coincidentally touched the young lady while restraining alternate understudies who were making a tumult. In any case, the police considered the objection important as the casualty is a minor." Assistant investigator Sudhir Wagh, who is examining the case, stated, "The educator has connected for safeguard. However, the trial date has not yet been booked as the chargesheet is yet to be submitted in court."

Friday, January 27, 2017

Japan launches first military communications satellite

Japan on Tuesday propelled its first military correspondences satellite to support the broadband limit of its Self Defense Forces as they fortify an island chain extending along the southern edge of the East China Sea.

Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the military is working further from Japan's home islands as it goes up against a greater part to counter developing Chinese military action in the locale.

The satellite lifted off from Japan's Tanegashima space port on board a H-IIA rocket at 0744 GMT and effectively entered circle, said a representative for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which fabricates the launcher.

The satellites is one of three arranged alleged X-band satellites, that will fourfold broadband limit, bring together a cracked and overburdened interchanges organize and permit correspondences crosswise over more region.

Japan and China are secured a regional question in the East China Sea over a gathering of uninhabited islands known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. The two nations are likewise at chances over the abuse of gas fields that straddle selective monetary zones asserted by both.

Japan, the fundamental U.S. partner in Asia, is worried that a late increment in Chinese military movement in the range is a sign it is hoping to augment its military impact from the neighboring South China Sea as a test to U.S. oceanic predominance.

In the nine months from April to December, Japan mixed contender planes to counter Chinese flying machine moving toward Japanese airspace 644 circumstances, twofold the 373 times each year prior, Japan's Ministry of Defense reported on Friday.

In December, China's first plane carrying warship, the Soviet-fabricated Liaoning, joined by a few warships, cruised through the section between the Japanese Southwestern islands of Mikado and Okinawa and into the Pacific for what China portrayed as normal activities.

The Tuesday dispatch denote the effective resumption of a program that was ended a year ago by a humiliating accident.

The first of the three satellites, which was intended to go into space from Europe's Space port in French Guiana, was pounded amid a flight from Japan after a blue canvas covering its vehicle box blocked valves intended to even out the interior pneumatic stress as the load air ship plummeted.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Date extended for filing research grant application

ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has developed date until Feb 15 for recording applications for Thematic Research Grant Program 2016-17. Prior, the last date was Jan 25.

Sociologies researchers and specialists having hypothetical, theoretical and methodological or strategy introduction foundation are qualified to apply for the give.

"Since a few educators were confronting issues while transferring their application shapes, we have chosen to broaden the due date with the goal that most extreme number of instructors could profit by the concede," said HEC executive Dr Mukhtar Ahmed.

There were dissensions from educators that they were confronting issues in filling application shapes as a few colleges have not redesigned their information.

In addition, the application shape does not acknowledge BA and BSc as 14-year lone ranger's program in the program title, which is obligatory for downloading the application frame.

It is second time that the HEC has broadened the due date.

BZU sub-campus: Zaeem denied exemption from court appearance

LAHORE: A Lahore High Court full seat on Wednesday denied Punjab Minister Zaeem Ahmad Qadri exception from individual appearance in procedures of a case with respect to illicitness in foundation of Lahore grounds of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.

Rejecting the demand, Justice Syed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi, who heads the seat, watched that the BZU sub-grounds embarrassment gave off an impression of being the biggest of training division in the nation's history. The supporter general of Punjab made the demand for the benefit of the pastor.

At the beginning of the hearing, advise for the college told the seat that understudies were being selected aside from the individuals who were admitted to physiotherapy program because of inaccessibility of workforce and the partnered educating healing center.

At this, Justice Naqvi communicated overwhelm over the administration's inability to opportune react to the dissenting understudies' worries. He said subsequent to securing fate of the understudies the court would uncover the genuine hands required in the outrage.

The seat suspended the hearing till Jan 30 and summoned the advanced education commission executive, secretary advanced education division and BZU bad habit chancellor.

The seat had summoned Zaeem Qadri after it happened that he had a part in the endorsement of an outline for the foundation of Lahore sub-grounds amid his past stretch as unique collaborator to the main pastor.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sindh Board of Technical Education SBTE

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education KPBTE

Punjab Board of Technical Education PBTE

University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore

University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC

Peshawar University

Islamia University Bahawalpur

Sargodha University

Bahauddin Zakariya University

AJK University

Karachi University

Punjab University


BISE Quetta Board

Aga Khan Board

BISE Mirpurkhas Board

BISE Larkana Board

BISE Hyderabad Board

BISE Sukkur Board

BISE Karachi Board

BISE DI Khan Board

BISE Mardan Board

BISE Bannu Board

BISE Abbottabad Board

BISE Malakand Board

BISE Kohat Board

BISE Swat Board

BISE Peshawar Board

BISE Federal Board

BISE Sahiwal Board

BISE DG Khan Board

BISE Bahawalpur Board

BISE Rawalpindi Board

BISE Sargodha Board

BISE Faisalabad Board

BISE Multan Board

BISE Gujranwala Board

BISE Lahore Board

Punjab Examination Commission PEC

Dr Fateh Burfat appointed SU VC

KARACHI: The acting Sindh senator has designated Dr Fateh Mohammad Burfat as the bad habit chancellor of the University of Sindh, Jam­shoro, says a notice issued here on Wednesday.

"In practice of his forces vested under Section-13 (1) of the University of Sindh Act 1972 (as altered by Sindh Universities Laws (Amend­ment) Act 2014) and on the guidance of the administration, the respectable senator Sindh/chancellor is satisfied to designate Dr Fateh Mohammad Burfat as bad habit chancellor, University of Sindh, Jam­shoro with prompt impact for a time of four years," said the notice issued from Governor House.

Monday, January 23, 2017

‘Understanding’ with student group: PU admin move doesn’t sit well with many

LAHORE: The Punjab University (PU) new organization's accounted for 'conciliatory motion' towards an understudy body doesn't appear to have run down well with numerous on the grounds.

Other understudy gatherings, for example, Insaf Students Federation (ISF) and Baloch Students Council (BSC) and a segment of the showing group have addressed what they accept is the organization's choice to give a 'free hand' to the Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) to do its exercises.

They are of the view that all understudy gatherings ought to be given equivalent chances to lead 'understudy welfare' exercises on grounds. "Any biased approach won't just help an understudy body fortify itself additionally make issues for a normal bad habit chancellor in setting up the writ of the varsity in the wake of accepting the charge," goes the contention.

They have publicized their worry after a few understudies partnered with the IJT as of late got a rest on the request of temporary Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir who struck a few doors down committee administrator's warning of removal of the understudies required in viciousness and needed by the Muslim Town police sometimes.

In addition, they questioned the VC's meeting with the IJT delegates who were made a request to shun doing brutality and hostile to organization challenges and consequently it (the organization) would permit it 'understudy welfare' exercises on grounds.

Prof Nasir defended his choice of dropping the warning saying it was issued without accepting him as he (VC) should be advised on any matter identified with lawfulness on grounds. He scattered the impression about having delicate corner for any understudy bunch and said the college understudies subsidiary with the IJT were not permitted to hold any political action on grounds.

"They have not been given a free hand. At a meeting with the organization, they (understudies partnered with the IJT) vowed to work for the advancement of scholarly culture on grounds and that they will abstain from anything that conveys a terrible name to the varsity," he said.

Similarly daunted at the move are the instructors and authorities connected with the past organization. "Giving sort of free hand may have genuine repercussions. The IJT will reinforce itself at different organizations inside the varsity and lodgings amid the between time of the temporary VC and will be in a position to bring about issues for any organization voluntarily," an authority told Dawn.

"On account of mercy of the organization, the IJT understudies are included in divider chalking and constraining sellers at lodgings to modify rates which is equivalent to testing the writ of the organization," he said while asserting that the past organization had adequately taken away their freedom to keep any "political" action.

As indicated by the previous functionary, there are not more than 40 IJT activists on grounds. "What they do is convey understudies from different schools to set up a political show in the PU. It is with this foundation we ask the new VC not to capitulate to the weight and to audit his approach," he said.

Communicating his anxieties, ISF Punjab Information Secretary Monim Tariq Lodhi told Dawn if those included in viciousness on grounds were saved, it would make it troublesome for the organization to build up its writ. He said the college ought to permit all understudy associations to do their welfare exercises.

Imran Kakar, a delegate of Baloch Students Council, additionally revolted against what he said separation. "The varsity must have a uniform arrangement towards all understudy bunches," he recommended.

Reviewing the past organizations' practice, a senior educator remarked: "Amid my 22-year vocation I have seen that all organizations first attempt a placating methodology towards the IJT however in the end they need to get serious about the activists required in rough exercises."

He refered to Tuesday's occurrence of torment of a PU law understudy supposedly by the IJT for tweeting for a missing blogger. "This is the thing that happens when any new organization runs for a comprehension with the IJT," he commented.

The IJT eagerly denies its association in the torment of the law understudy. "The IJT holds ace Islam and expert Pakistan programs in the varsity and it is just worried about the welfare of the understudies," IJT (PU) representative Taimur Khan told Dawn.

"Our adversaries blame us for savagery at whatever point there is a battle among understudies on any issue," he guaranteed.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Case against 12 for PU student’s torture

LAHORE: Police on Wednesday enlisted a body of evidence against 12 individuals for tormenting an understudy of the Punjab University Law College.

The Muslim Town police enlisted a case under segments 147, 149, 342 and 506 of PPC against 11 unidentified men and one designated suspect (Amir Hamza) on the grumbling of Suhail Ahmed.

Ahmed said he was at his lodging room when 12 individuals incorporating Amir Hamza raged in and seriously beat him. He cited them as having said they were showing him a lesson for tweeting for a missing blogger.

PU commonplace Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir said the organization had considered the episode.

A varsity official told Dawn that Amir Hamza remained an individual from the Islami Jamiat Tulaba. "A previous understudy of PU, Hamza stayed included in some other such episodes before," he said.

IJT representative Taimur Khan said they had ousted Hamza from the gathering for different reasons a year ago. "We have no connection with Hamza and the occurrence being referred to; the IJT is against brutality on grounds on any issue," he said.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Two universities rudderless

PESHAWAR: The exit of bad habit chancellors on residency finish has left the two government colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rudderless without star bad habit chancellors.

VCs Prof Fazl Rahim Marwat of the Bacha Khan University Charsadda and Prof Noor Jehan of the Swabi University surrendered their individual workplaces on Monday after the expiry of four years term.

"At present, nobody heads any of the two colleges," an authority of the Swabi University told Dawn.

Charsadda, Swabi varsities have neither VCs nor star VCs

Under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Act 2012, a star VC needs to administer as VC in a college if the post is empty.

Be that as it may, both Charsadda and Swabi varsities have no Pro-VC to run their issues.

The sources said workers of both colleges won't have the capacity to get compensation for the time of January if star VCs were not delegated in the following 12 days as just a VC was approved to issue mandates in this regard.

The law is quiet on who will lead the college if there is no VC and ace VC.

Segment 12-An of the law states, "there might be a Pro-Vice-Chancellor of a college to be designated by the chancellor from among the three senior most dignitaries or educators, for a time of two years to go about as directing bad habit chancellor or acting VC, all things considered, as per this area."

The law includes that the expert VC would be regarded to be the acting VC to play out every one of the capacities and forces of the VC if there should arise an occurrence of lapse of the residency of the general VC or some other case, which requires arrangement of normal VC.

"The acting VC might stay in office till arrangement of general VC under the law."

The Swabi University had sent a rundown of three staff individuals to the advanced education office six months back for choice as its genius VC however the post is still empty.

With respect to the Bacha Khan University Charsadda, its genius VC resigned on Dec 3, 2016.

An insider said after the retirement of the senior member, who acted as professional VC at the college, a rundown of five educators was sent to the advanced education division the exact following day for the filling of the post yet the office raised protests to the rundown and looked for three names as it were.

He guaranteed the college sent another rundown of three contender for the workplace on Jan 4, 2017, however the office still couldn't seem to choose about it.

Guide to the main priest on advanced education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani was not accessible for remarks.

An authority of the HED guaranteed that the office had set up a rundown to the KP senator, who was additionally the chancellors of all KP open division colleges, for early arrangement of genius VCs to the two colleges.

He said the previous VCs were not inspired by naming expert VCs to their separate colleges. "The organizations of both Swabi and Charsadda colleges are not earnest about the professional VCs' arrangement as they've utilizing postponing strategies on the matter," he said.

The authority demanded the HED had coordinated the VC of the Swabi University on numerous occasions to send in the names for the filling of the professional VC yet got no reaction.

He said the office was not to fault for the postponement in this regard.

"The procedure of expert VC's arrangement is clear. The applicable college needs to forward three names of the dignitaries or senior most instructors to the HED for designation," he said.

The authority said the KP senator was approved to pick one of the names sent for the arrangement as genius VC of a college.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Teaching of Holy Quran being made compulsory

PESHAWAR: The Elementary and Secondary Education (E&SE) Department has chosen to make the instructing of Holy Quran obligatory in all the general population and tuition based schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As indicated by an announcement issued here, the E&SE Department arrangements to begin instructing of the Holy Quran (Nazra) as an obligatory subject from review 1 to fifth and interpretation of the Holy Quran from review sixth to tenth for Muslim understudies both in the legislature and tuition based schools.

It said that the synopsis in this association had been endorsed by Chief Minister Pervez Khattak for position before the commonplace bureau. It said that the choice would be actualized in the anticipated instructive session.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Charsadda varsity attack anniversary

CHARSADDA: Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, will stay shut for two days (Jan 19 and 20) to finish arrangements and celebrate the main commemoration of the disastrous occurrence of activist assault on the college, which had left 21 understudies and employees dead. The capacity would be hung on Friday.

As per a notice issued by the college organization, the grounds will stay shut on Jan 19 and 20 regarding arrangements to watch the main commemoration of the episode. The varsity's advertising officer, Saeed Khan, affirmed that the notice was issued by the enlistment center office on Wednesday.

The notice says that exclusive organization authorities and showing staff would be available amid this period.

He said that solicitations had been sent to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa, government serve Ahsan Iqbal, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, HEC director and others.

Unidentified shooters had entered the Bacha Khan University on Jan 20 a year ago and opened fire on the understudies and employees, murdering 21 and harming a few others. In the interim, a hunt operation was directed in the zones close to the college. Police said that 25 suspect were captured in the operation.

QAU vice chancellor backtracks from statement against HEC, faculty members

ISLAMABAD: The bad habit chancellor of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Dr Javed Ashraf, has backtracked from a college explanation that had inferred that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and some employees were attempting to evacuate the bad habit chancellor with an end goal to ensure arrive grabbers.

In an announcement issued on Friday, taking after the visit of a three-man board of trustees constituted by the HEC to examine claims of bungle, misbehavior, nepotism and altering syndicate meeting minutes and money related matters.

The HEC constituted the reality discovering board of trustees on Oct 13, 2016, to finish the request inside 15 days.

Two weeks after the advisory group was shaped, the QAU issued an announcement in regards to infringements of college land by previous Senate director Nayyar Hussain Bokhari. From that point forward, the college has been attempting to have its property recovered from the land grabbers. Mr Bokhari has denied any association in infringement on QAU arrive.

NA body guides bad habit chancellor to hold question and answer session, issue reply

The order of the council was later stretched out, as per the HEC. It went by the college on Thursday and met a few employees and workers.

The following day, the college said the HEC's "ancient" council had no command to lead a request, and that some employees together with the HEC had turned out to be dynamic two or three days before the Capital Development Authority (CDA) went to the college to begin the outline of land and chose to continue with an against infringement drive in and around QAU.

"Endeavors in progress to expel QAU VC as endeavors against land getting and sedates sellers begin demonstrating comes about," the public statement had expressed.

The college likewise named three employees, Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, Dr Azhar Abbas Rizvi and Dr Aqeel Bokhari who a year ago effectively contradicted the bad habit chancellor's turn to offer land to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. The announcement guaranteed these employees and the HEC had all of a sudden turned out to be dynamic in the request matter.

After the announcement, staff and understudies from the college asked whether Dr Ashraf's choice to stand in opposition to land grabbers had landed him in boiling point water or whether he was included in maladministration and attempting to redirect consideration with a crusade against intense land grabbers to conceal a progressing request.

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training, which met at the college on Wednesday, scrutinized the bad habit chancellor on the announcement, who reacted that the college representative issued the public statement without conveying it to his notice and apologized to the HEC executive Dr Mukhtar Ahmed.

The advisory group guided the bad habit chancellor to hold a question and answer session and issue a rejoinder. Dr Ahmed stated: "Everybody is asking me how the HEC could secure land grabbers. It is not a basic case – the bad habit chancellor needs to compose a letter to the president, executive and others, illuminating them he has pulled back the announcement."

The HEC director said he would not like to uncover everything at this stage, including: "I know what number of issues there are; the means by which individuals were given undue advancements and how some were denied. Give the test board a chance to finish its undertaking."

Whenever reached, recently chose QAU syndicate part Dr Jaspal told Dawn a few genuine affirmations have been made against the college's administration. "Rather than reacting to the claims, it appears as though the bad habit chancellor and his group are stirring up the land snatching matter and the request council ensure the decent bad habit chancellor," he said.

He included that all the employees are with the bad habit chancellor in his turn against land grabbers. "Our names were wrongly cited in the official statement and we are reflecting on recording a case in court," he said.

Amid his presentation, Dr Ashraf told the standing advisory group that no teachers were delegated in the most recent year, yet when gotten some information about two educators by the HEC executive the bad habit chancellor couldn't give a reaction.

To this, panel part Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti said the college was disguising certainties, and the HEC administrator got some information about the advancement and arrangement of an educator whose case, as indicated by Dr Ahmed, was dismisses by the determination board.

The bad habit chancellor likewise advised the council on issues confronting the college, for example, an absence of a limit divider and infringements on the college's grounds.

Senior employee Dr Waseem Ahmed talked about understudy sedate utilize – particularly hashish and alcohol – and the decrease in such cases in the course of the most recent month. He asserted alcohol and hashish are accessible in a close-by ghetto comprising of 200 homes that he said likewise has betting caves.

"Some of our representatives are likewise required in providing drugs, while a neighborhood private inn on Rawal Dam Chowk on Murree Road is a major alcohol provider to understudies," he included.

The standing board of trustees then constituted a subcommittee to investigate the QAU's issues.

Amid the meeting, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal advised the board of trustees on different activities taken by the administration to enhance the advanced education segment and guaranteed QAU of full support for improvement extends in the coming spending plan.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Karachi's educational institutions have poor security arrangements

KARACHI: Despite the security worries, instructive foundations both private and open have not upgraded their security courses of action on the grounds over the city, Karachi, Daily Times has learnt.

A year ago, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan had affirmed stipends for efforts to establish safety to be gone up against the grounds, extending from Rs 30 to 50 million yet dominant part of the grounds have not used these gifts with the end goal of security.

Then again, commonplace government has not made any strides for the security of universities and schools additionally . However the Education and Literacy Department (ELD) has just issued true to life, to ready Heads and chairmen of the schools and universities, in which ELD has guided them that limit dividers and security game plans must be overhauled by showed norms.

Around 14,000 instructive foundations are working in the city of Karachi; out of which 3500 are state-run instructive organizations including specialized and general schools, schools, colleges and degree granting establishments. The remaining are non-public schools, colleges and universities.

In any case, a portion of the private part's organizations have made strides for security just for its reputation yet their directors have not shaped standard security frameworks on the grounds, according to government measures.

"The majority of the security watchmen are taking a shot at day by day compensation all around, even in the instructive foundations. It is useless to anticipate that them will be all around prepared", Dr Irfan Aziz, colleague teacher of Urdu University said that HEC has additionally specified that grounds officers will undoubtedly redesign limit dividers including development of hunt towers, giving walkie-talkies to security protects and satisfying of other security's prerequisites however each one of those things have not been embraced at any grounds of the city.

Incidentally, Security officer or grounds consultants are uninformed about security guidelines, achievements and arranging. Gatekeepers are denied from fundamental security's apparatuses however HEC's powers are additionally mum in regards to the assets as of now issued for security causes, he included.

In spite of the fact that, Pakistan Rangers have sent some of its Units inside the grounds, similar to Karachi University, Urdu University and Dawood University of Engineering and Technology , yet they are not implied for security of those varsities.

The circumstance of poor security game plans in the schools is much more awful as opposed to colleges; there is not a solitary security watch out in the open universities, a similar circumstance exists in young ladies' universities too.

Schools and young ladies schools have gotten a great deal more dangers as contrast with colleges. However, ELD and other concern powers have concentrated on just issuing 'guidelines papers' for Heads and the managers.

"We read have about shocking assaults on the grounds, similar to the occurrence on Army Public School, Peshawar and psychological oppressor assault on Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, which ought to be a lesson for powers yet they are sitting tight for after another risky episode to happen", Dr Aazadi Fateh, Assistant educator told Daily Times, there are many reports, in regards to assaults on schools which have been overlooked.

She additionally said that managers, powers and all concerned individuals ought to need to take serous activities for understudies and educators' lives.

It is applicable to say here, that Professor Dr Kamal Haider, executive of affirmations of Urdu University, was harmed by obscure individuals a week ago when he would go to a meeting in Gulshan-i-Iqbal grounds at the VC office.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PTI govt wants girls cadet college operating in one year: minister

Common Education Minister Muhammad Atif Khan on Friday guided concerned authorities to speed up work on Girls Cadet College Mardan and finish inside stipulated period for bestowing quality instruction to young ladies.

Directing a meeting as to the cadet school, the clergyman said the PTI-drove government was truly trying endeavors to finish the school inside one year's opportunity which would be one of the best instructive organizations for young ladies keeping in mind the end goal to bolster them for financial improvement of the nation.

He coordinated that most extreme endeavors ought to be made that the venture confronted no obstacles for its auspicious culmination as far as assets or whatever other as his administration needed it worked at any cost.

The priest said the venture cost was Rs 3 billion and it would be finished in record time of one year, including normal classes would begin in impermanent working from the progressing scholarly year.

He said that PTI-drove government was concentrating on advancement of instruction for young ladies as the same had been reflected in new training approach, accommodating expanding rate of young ladies schools up to 70 percent, other than growing system of ladies colleges to every area of the territory.

He said the administration was likewise advancing computerized education with outfitting around 500 schools with between initiate sheets in higher optional schools in this way, including, the office would be stretched out to more schools amid the current money related year.

Secretary instruction Dr Shehzad Bangash, exceptional secretary Qaiser Alam other than other concerned authorities of different divisions went to the meeting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Special children can become useful citizens through education: Jhagra

Peshawar, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Engr Iqbal Zafar Jhagra Friday said that guaranteeing appropriate food, care, instruction and preparing of unique youngsters was aggregate obligation of the general public and there was a should be more responsive as a country in this regard. He expressed this while tending to as boss visitor at a function held as a component of International Day of Physically Handicapped Persons at "Umeed Special Education School"; an organization working under the aegis of Pak Army in Peshawar.

Brig. Muhammad Ali, Lt. Col. Bilal, Principal, instructors of the establishment and guardians of understudies were additionally present on this event. The Governor, while valuing the nature of the educating, preparing and minding offices at the school additionally paid tributes to the part which the Pak Army had been contributing in this regard.

Without a doubt, he said, we can make the exceptional youngsters gainful subjects of the state by giving them appropriate instructive and preparing offices. In the mean time the Governor took round of different areas of the school furthermore saw scene exhibited by the understudies.

He additionally declared an allow of Rs One million for the school and Rs 5000 for every educator of the establishment. Prior Lt. Col. Bilal advised the Governor in insight about working of the school and also striking components of an under development alliance at the school.

Monday, January 9, 2017

PTI govt hailed for allocating huge amount for education

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Culture, Heritage and Youth Affairs Mahmood Khan commended the pretended by the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf drove coalition government in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for designating huge part of the financial backing to build up the instruction Sector. The Minister on Saturday initiated District Educational Circle Office at Matta, Swat and tended to the function where he was the Chief Guest.

The occasion was likewise gone to by the area instructive officer Mohammad Amin Khan, Sub Divisional Officer Syed Mukhtiar, Naib Nazim region Matta Mohammad Hakim, Principles of Local schools, Headmasters, District Council individuals ,Teachers, Parents along senior citizens with expansive number of individuals were available amid the initiation of occasion. Tending to the social occasion Minister said because of tremendous defilement and inadequate work done by previous governments in training area alongside different areas which were additionally on the edge of decimation.

After Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf shaped government with partners the Minister additionally said they worked day and night for making each Institution effective and sufficiently adequate to stop the Tax payer's cash to be plundered by lawmakers. The PTI drove government built up legitimacy and protected the technique of takes a shot at a well characterize standard, he included. He said that PTI government selected 35,000 instructors on the premise of National Testing Services in KP and protected that 15,000 more educators would be enlisted by the Education Department with a specific end goal to bring the territories on the cutting edge of thriving. He praised the endeavors of PTI government that when we came to power Thousands of Schools were without legitimate Boundaries. We built Boundary dividers by spending Rs Millions.He said that we have spent Rs 88 Cror to build up the framework of schools in the District Swat alongside giving furniture to the schools which were building however given no furniture.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Importance of Sex Education in Pakistan

Instruction doubtlessly can be named as the center of a progress. It helps in building up an individual and gives him all the data expected to carry on with a solid and ensured life. The same goes for sex instruction also, which unfortunately, is the most dismissed a portion of our instructive framework.

Sex training is about guidelines identified with the issues of human sexuality, sexual multiplication, conceptive wellbeing and anti-conception medication. It is a disputable issue in Pakistan and in addition in other creating nations.

Be that as it may, declining sex training resembles fleeing from reality. Actually, now a days, sexual exercises have turned out to be regular particularly among more youthful era. Henceforth, it has turned out to be much vital for us to educate the more youthful part about every one of the perils, a sexual relationship can bring about.

Albeit as of late there has been a push to begin sex instruction in some private and legislative foundations of Pakistan, particularly in some huge urban areas, nonetheless, the procedure has been to a great extent irrelevant till now. On the off chance that the educational modules is appropriately executed, it will comprehend youthful children, particularly young ladies, about how to secure themselves, think about all sex related sicknesses, and every single other issue they can understanding because of sex. Such instruction can actually spare their lives.

A large portion of the young ladies in our general public feel bashful to discuss sex freely on the grounds that it is named as a forbidden subject. Because of this reason they need even fundamental data about every one of the issues identified with sex. These are the young ladies who will get to be moms soon and should bear a tyke. As a result of this absence of data, they keep running into a considerable measure of issues in their wedded life, which in many cases demonstrates lethal for them.

An immense fragment of our general public, be they are educators or guardians, deprecate the significance of sex training naming it as improper. Be that as it may, such individuals couldn't have been more mixed up. They neglect to comprehend that sex instruction is not about educating more youthful children how to engage in sexual relations. Sex training is about giving them fundamental data about every one of the issues identified with this wonders. It is about telling the adolescents about the physical and mental changes that occur as they grow up.

It is a characteristic marvels that high schoolers attempt to comprehend their sexual wishes and express them in that age. Rather than these children getting flawed and risky data from spots like web, it is better that a prepared instructor illuminate them in a controlled domain. Such training can secure them against numerous undesirable dangers. It is about time we get genuine and open our eyes to reality.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Quality education right of all children, says CM

KOHAT: Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on Saturday declared to take Garrison Cadet College Kohat (GCCK) into the support of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. The school was being keep running since 1990 by the ninth Division of Pakistan Army.

Tending to the guardians day capacity of the school as boss visitor here, he said that the legislature was actualizing uniform instruction framework since it was the privilege of the considerable number of youngsters to get quality training.

Mr Khattak said that a great many understudies were swinging over to the administration schools from private part because of the progressive strides taken by his legislature for the change of instruction framework. He prompted the understudies to commit all endeavors and thoughtfulness regarding training for making Pakistan a created and cultivated country.

Reports govt bolster for Garrison Cadet College Kohat

He said that now the peace environment was vastly improved than four years prior because of the gallant part of the military and the general population.

The capacity was gone to by general officer instructing ninth Division of the Pakistan Army and administrator GCCK leading body of governors Maj-Gen Khalid Javed, key resigned Brig Nadeem Akhtar Hussain, chief Musarat Hussain, law serve Imtiaz Shahid, MNA Shehryar Afridi and guardians of the understudies.

The central pastor likewise reported an allow of Rs40 million for the development of assembly room, power association from another feeder for continuous power supply and recreation of the limit mass of the school.

Prior, the foremost displayed the advance report of the school. He said that the GCCK had exceeded expectations in both curricular and additional curricular exercises.

He said that at GGCK the understudies were granted quality instruction.

At last, the central pastor gave away best house trophy to Zangi House which was gotten by its administrator, Mohammad Hassaan Faheem, and area officer Abu Hurrera.

Friday, January 6, 2017

No headway in getting QAU land vacated from grabbers

ISLAMABAD: Even three days after the Capital Development Authority and Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) consented to frame a joint working gathering to address the issues confronting the nation's driving seat of adapting, particularly enormous infringements on its territory, there's no advance on the matter.

Amid a visit to the QAU on Wednesday, CDA Chairman and Islamabad Mayor Sheik Anser Aziz had said the community organization would help the college recover its territory from encroachers and address different issues and would guarantee the prompt arrangement of a joint working gathering for the reason.

The QAU rushed to name Dr Wasim Ahmad, Dr Shafiqur Rehman, Engineer Bakht Rehman, Ashfaq Khan, Dr Ilhan Niaz and Dr Ishtiaq Ali as its candidates for the working gathering however the CDA has yet to name its individuals notwithstanding a formal demand by the college.

The QAU guarantees no less than 200 sections of land of its property esteeming around Rs1.6 billion has for quite some time been unlawfully involved by villagers and encroachers.

As indicated by Dr Ilhan Niaz, representative for the Quaid-i-Azam University, the college composed a letter to the CDA for assignment of its individuals for the joint working gathering not long after the CDA executive's visit to the grounds however it has yet to get any input or follow-up on the matter.

He told 'The News' on Saturday that the QAU bad habit chancellor had independently approved the college's Resident Officer, Dr Wasim Ahmad, to start clearing new infringements in Kot Hatial territory, where the most recent land getting was accounted for on Oct 30.

"This is likewise as a feature of the follow-up to the visit of the CDA executive as he actually (alongside his group) confirmed the lawlessness of the infringements," he said.

The representative said the QAU was additionally wanting to keep in touch with the Islamabad police to set up lasting checkpoints at its entrance and leave focuses.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Disabled student seeks help to establish schools, hospitals in Fata

PESHAWAR: A crippled understudy on Saturday asked the legislature and non-administrative associations to help him set up healing facilities and schools for the physically debilitated individuals in tribal regions.

Irfanullah, 15, who lost his legs in a bomb impact in Parachinar, the managerial central command of Kurram Agency, was pronounced the Youth Ambassador of the Pakistan Red Crescent Fata.

Conversing with The News, he reviewed that he was harmed in a bomb impact in Parachinar on July 25, 2011 when he was coming back from school.

"I was taken to the MSF Hospital in Hangu region where my legs were cut off as there was no real healing facility in Kurram Agency," he reviewed.

Irfanullah said he needed to serve the incapacitated understudies as opposed to driving a hopeless life. "I need to finish my training and serve the mankind," he kept up.

He regretted that the government officials, political organization and chose agents made tall cases, however didn't anything reasonable for the welfare of the incapacitated understudies.

Conflicting with all chances, he said he gathered information in regards to incapacitated understudies and enrolled 700 physically crippled students in lower Kurram Agency.

He likewise settled the Kurram Union of Special Persons (KUSP).

He said he was the president of KUSP while his uncle, Ahmad Jan Saddiqui, who was harmed in a similar impact, was its supporter in-boss.

Youthful Irfanullah said the legislature was burning through a large number of rupees month to month on running the Fata Secretariat, however the authorities at the Social Welfare Department didn't think of them as incapacitated.

He said the pertinent division was minimum tried to work for the welfare of the impaired people. "Or maybe the assets are being spent on extravagances," he asserted.

"I have gathered the information of 700 crippled understudies. They have rounded out the structures and I will submit them to the concerned office," he included.

He said that lone Assistant Political Agent Rahimullah Mehsud upheld and empowered him while others made obstacles for him.

He kept up that there were more than 2,000 incapacitated people in Kurram Agency alone.

He asserted that concerned authorities were hesitant to issue them handicap cards.

Irfanullah said he held gatherings with heads of private instructive organizations looking for confirmation for debilitated understudies.

He said previous president General Ziaul Haq had saved two percent quantity for the crippled, however the choice was not being actualized in government instructive organizations.

Irfanullah said he held gatherings with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa senator and boss priest when he was proclaimed the Youth Ambassador of Pakistan Red Crescent Fata however they were yet to respect the vows made to him in spite of the entry of seven months.

"I need the foundation of Special Education Centers and doctor's facilities in each tribal organization. I will keep on striving for it," he said.

The sure Irfanullah said he would show up in the Central Superior Services examination to wind up distinctly an officer.

Despising the aloofness of the PTI-drove KP government, he reviewed that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif promptly discharged Rs0.5 million to the Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation for his treatment when his application was submitted to him.

He expressed gratitude toward Shahbaz Sharif and previous representative Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan for bearing the costs of his instruction up to registration.

Irfanullah, who utilizes braces to walk, asked what might have been the sentiments of the rulers if their own particular youngsters were impaired.

He said the whole world bolstered Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, however didn't regard the predicament of honest kids in Fata.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

UoG mulls quota for G-B students

GUJRAT-The University Gujrat (UoG) may present an extraordinary standard for the understudies from Gilgit-Baltistan area looking for admission to the varsity's different degree programs.

The proposition was advanced for endorsement at the eighth Academic Council meeting of the varsity. The UoG acknowledges people from every one of the districts of the nation on the premise of legitimacy with no separation. In any case, it gives admission to understudies from certain less created and underprivileged regions against various endorsed held seats. As indicated by sources, the Gilgit-Baltistan amount proposition is probably going to be the piece of UoG Fall 2017 affirmation approach after its endorsement by Vice Chancellor Dr Ziaul Qayyum. The addressing additionally stressed a requirement for incorporating most recent books in the plan of investigations of different UoG divisions and the distributing of the same.

Among alternate things on the plan of the meeting incorporated the overhauled and redesigned 'Understudies Conduct and Disciplinary Rules'. A sub-advisory group was set up for further assessment of the set of accepted rules before it goes to print.

The UoG Academic Council procedures began with Registrar Dr Tahir Aqil exhibiting a plan of the meeting.

Assembly IN FEB: The fifth Convocation of the University of Gujrat (UoG) will be held in mid-February one year from now, it was declared after a meeting of the UoG Convocation Committee.

Understudies moving on from different divisions of the varsity in 2015 will be respected at the conference. The cooperation is liable to enrollment and the applications for a similar will be gotten till Jan 15, 2017. Among the individuals will's identity regarded on the event incorporate understudies who have finished their degree necessities in M Phil/MS, MA/MSc, MBA, M.Com, BS/BS (Hons), relate degree in B Des, B Arch, BFA, BSc Engineering, BBA (Hons), and LLB (Hons). Degrees and decorations will be given on position holders in different projects. Alumni of Nawaz Sharif Medical College (MBBS session 2010-2015) will likewise be respected.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fees of Peshawar district govt schools doubled

PESHAWAR - Instead of giving alleviation to the general population, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)- drove area government multiplied charges of instructive establishments it keeps running in the city.

The organizations, keep running by the area government, bestow training in English medium to the offspring of the workers of the Municipal Corporation, Peshawar and other poor fragments of the general public.

Niamatullah, an inhabitant of city, while conversing with The Nation, said he had conceded his child in metropolitan state funded school because of sensible expenses however now the locale government has begun to close the entryways of the schools on poor youngsters. He educated that charges were expanded by 100 for every penny for each class of the school subsidiary with Municipal Inter-College, Wazir Bagh.

He said he is a day by day bet and conceded his kids because of low expenses when contrasted with other state funded schools yet now the locale government has multiplied the charges so his kids won't not have the capacity to proceed with their training in the said school.

Muhammad Javed, who has conceded his child in civil school, said multiplying the expenses was add up to treachery to workers of the city company as these individuals are taking small compensations and it is hard for them to pay such enormous sums for their five or six kids.

Whenever reached, Feroz Khan, advertising officer of the area organization, said these schools were being keep running on open private association premise yet throughout the previous couple of years the schools were not ready to meet their month to month costs and instructors' compensations.

He said low salary and high costs were fundamental driver of expanding school expenses, else, he said, the organization could close the schools because of absence of assets.

Bakhtiar, an agent in Municipal Inter-College Wazir Bagh, said the region government was wanting to reclaim 50 for every penny increment in the expenses because of the weight of civil organization workers' union.

He said expenses for prep to fourth class were expanded to Rs650 from Rs350 already. Additionally, expenses for fifth class to eighth class were settled at Rs1,060 rather than Rs720, and from eighth class to tenth class, new charges were recorded as Rs1,160 rather than Rs820.

The locale organization is running three schools and universities, which incorporate Municipal-Inter College for Boys, Wazir Bagh, Municipal Inter-College for Girls, Shahi Bagh and Woman Degree College, Peshawar.

Comparative increment was additionally reported in the charge structure of bury classes. Be that as it may, later the expenses were modified and a 70 for every penny increment when contrasted with the past charge structure was set up.

The officeholder PTI government cases to have expanded training spending plan yet in opposition to their cases, the legislature is not financing these three schools.

The region organization is likewise gathering gigantic wholes from local people under the head of different city administrations, building development and others. In any case, little bit of the assets are spent for the welfare of the subject.


The graduated class gathering of the University of Peshawar was hung on Saturday in the yard of Sheik Muhammad Taimur Academic Block. It was very much gone to by countless and previous alumni of the college.

The occasion was made more vivid by the Pashto tune "Pekhawar kho Pekhawar de kana" sung by previous graduate, Irfan Khan, and captivating songs of Gulzar Alam.

Plus, Chitrali move and customary Pakhtun attan enchanted the crowd.

College of Peshawar (UoP) Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Rasul Jan was the central visitor of the occasion.

Advanced education Department Additional Secretary Dr Khalid Khan, previous bad habit chancellors Dr Qibla Ayaz and Dr Lutfullah Kakakhel were among more than 400 members of the service.

In the occasion, it was chosen to set up an understudy enrichment finance so as to help the destitute and poor understudies of varsity.

In such manner, Counter Terrorism Department Director Dr Ayaz reported a total of Rs1 million for the store from his pocket.

Certain different graduates additionally declared their commitment at the event.

Tending to the function, the bad habit chancellor said that the previous graduates were the controlling specialists for the elevate of the college.

He included that everywhere throughout the world, graduated class give sufficient assets to the colleges to meet its money related necessities.

Dr Jan kept up that the tremendous number of crowd in the social occasion demonstrates their affection for their place of graduation and promised to take the voyage advance by giving more part to graduated class in inspire techniques of this establishment.

Dr Qibla in his discourse said that what we are today is a direct result of this college, including that the alumni of the college have been brilliant envoys of the foundation and were working in general society and private parts on key positions inside the nation and abroad.

Prior, facilitator of the graduated class affiliation said that they were in contact with 7,000 previous alumni of the college, and the information bank was soon going to be improved to 35,000.

He consented to the proposal set forth in the function with respect to the arrangement of central people in European nations.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Body for improving public school teachers’ quality on the cards

LAHORE: The draft law went for making a commonplace instruction benchmarks power to enhance nature of instructors in Punjab's state funded schools by presenting their permitting and preparing, has been settled and sent to the main clergyman for definite endorsement.

The law had been drafted with much push to develop through the power a lasting arrangement of enrolling capable instructors and making them experience a thorough preparing administration before and amid their administration, empowering them to create taught human asset for the nation, authorities said on Thursday.

After its endorsement by the main pastor, the draft law will be sent to the bureau for its last gesture which is fundamental for tabling a bill in the commonplace get together for appropriation. On the off chance that implemented with earnestness of reason, the law could change the training division in Punjab, they asserted.

As indicated by the last draft, the power will oversee and control the confirmation, enlistment and permitting of instructors, head-educators, educator mentors, training directors, and others, including the associations identified with school training in the region.

The power, to be going by the central pastor, will work for subjective, pre-benefit and in-administration preparing for educators, their legitimacy based enrollment, and consistence of its benchmarks to advance proficient abilities and create mastery.

It will orchestrate modernized preparing in order to get ready instructors, mentors and directors for advancement to all vocation stages, planning long and transient arrangements to deliver issues identified with their proficiency, permitting, required confirmation and accreditation.

It will guarantee arrangement of prepared and qualified administration in people in general part foundations by setting up a staff school or some other organization and research-based training arranging. It will likewise counsel general society area establishments, instructors, coaches and heads on training related issues.

Arrangements of moves of authorized educators, coaches and executives, advancement of projects, courses and syllabus for their pre-benefit and in-administration preparing, presenting research-based approach, producing associations with national and global associations managing instructor permitting, are some different duties of the power that will be controlled by a store to be made by the legislature.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Commission to monitor private universities

LAHORE, Punjab Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said the Punjab government will set up a commission to screen the working of private segment colleges of the area.

He was conversing with the media at the Government College University (GCU) where he led a meeting of Vice Chancellors (VCs) of all open segment colleges of Punjab on Monday. Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairman Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, PHEC chief general Dr Shahid Soroya and authorities of Higher Education Department went to the meeting.

The clergyman said commission on private colleges would likewise screen that if these colleges were working as indicated by their contract. He said a meeting of ministers and VCs of private colleges of the region would likewise be called soon.

Syed Raza Ali Gillani went ahead to state that there was no equivocalness that advanced education was a common subject after the 18 the protected correction.

He included the execution of colleges would be made outcome based so that this division could deliver best experts for the nation. He communicated worry over routine of giving over extra charge to people in advanced education and communicated his settle that the practice would end soon. The clergyman likewise asserted that standard of open segment colleges in Punjab would be enhanced by worldwide models with the goal that colleges could be incorporated into the positioning of main 500 colleges of the world.

Discussing late conflict between Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) activists and security monitors at Punjab University, he said FIR had been enrolled against eight activists and included the police had been coordinated to make strict move against those included.

Prior, leading the meeting he gave 14-guide plan toward the VCs to adequately enhance the general guidelines of their colleges and guided them to create and execute a composite guide of future vision so that the objective of acquiring adequate upgrades the advanced education part could be accomplished by.

The meeting checked on different components of open division colleges, including the condition of scholastics, future vision, budgetary and managerial position and accessible research offices, being granted to the understudies.

The VCs gave a nitty gritty preparation about their colleges' working. While tending to the meeting, the pastor said that the Punjab government is completely dedicated to getting subjective upgrades open division colleges so they could get obvious place in main 500 colleges of the world and Punjab be known as the center of value instruction in the entire of Asia.