Friday, January 6, 2017

No headway in getting QAU land vacated from grabbers

ISLAMABAD: Even three days after the Capital Development Authority and Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) consented to frame a joint working gathering to address the issues confronting the nation's driving seat of adapting, particularly enormous infringements on its territory, there's no advance on the matter.

Amid a visit to the QAU on Wednesday, CDA Chairman and Islamabad Mayor Sheik Anser Aziz had said the community organization would help the college recover its territory from encroachers and address different issues and would guarantee the prompt arrangement of a joint working gathering for the reason.

The QAU rushed to name Dr Wasim Ahmad, Dr Shafiqur Rehman, Engineer Bakht Rehman, Ashfaq Khan, Dr Ilhan Niaz and Dr Ishtiaq Ali as its candidates for the working gathering however the CDA has yet to name its individuals notwithstanding a formal demand by the college.

The QAU guarantees no less than 200 sections of land of its property esteeming around Rs1.6 billion has for quite some time been unlawfully involved by villagers and encroachers.

As indicated by Dr Ilhan Niaz, representative for the Quaid-i-Azam University, the college composed a letter to the CDA for assignment of its individuals for the joint working gathering not long after the CDA executive's visit to the grounds however it has yet to get any input or follow-up on the matter.

He told 'The News' on Saturday that the QAU bad habit chancellor had independently approved the college's Resident Officer, Dr Wasim Ahmad, to start clearing new infringements in Kot Hatial territory, where the most recent land getting was accounted for on Oct 30.

"This is likewise as a feature of the follow-up to the visit of the CDA executive as he actually (alongside his group) confirmed the lawlessness of the infringements," he said.

The representative said the QAU was additionally wanting to keep in touch with the Islamabad police to set up lasting checkpoints at its entrance and leave focuses.