Saturday, December 17, 2016

200 teachers suspended on charges of absenteeism

NAWABSHAH: Action against "apparition instructors" has been assisted after the declaration of a training crisis in the region by Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah.

In such manner a group of the Chief Monitoring Officer struck distinctive schools of the region and suspended around two hundred male and female educators who had not been on obligation at the season of the attacks.

Head Monitoring Officer Abdullah Dahri attacked Government Primary School Syed Khair Shah, Fatehpur, Haberi, PS Nabi Bux and scores of different schools. Then again the suspended "apparition instructors" told the media that they exited the school only a brief time before the group assaulted the school and suspended them.

The suspended educators leveled the claim that the Chief Monitoring Officer did not visit "those schools where male and female instructors of decision have been posted and bolstered by political gatherings and officers".

They said that a dominant part of those instructors were working abroad or in different territories of Pakistan. They additionally affirmed that the biometric framework did not cover the truant educators because of which the office had no record of their nonappearance.

In the interim, sources near "such compelling educators" said that countless instructors either went to the gatherings of area authorities as political or social pioneers or as writers, and the locale training authorities had no energy to make a move against them.

At the point when reached an authority of the instruction office uncovered that the educators who had been suspended on the request of the court were all the while getting their pay rates. Be that as it may, a letter was sent to the high-ups of the training office about such instructors.