Monday, November 14, 2016

Teacher awaits posting despite court, CM orders

JHANG: Punjab Schools Education Department Secretary Abdul Jabbar Shaheen summoned has the Jhang official training officer (EDO) on a grievance by a teacher for not permitting her to join the employment at a school close to her home.

Aziz Aliya was chosen a Urdu subject master under a Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) examination and was to be posted at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Ahmedpur Sial.

She drew closer the training powers to get posting at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Wasso Astna, Athhara Hazari, under re-change course of action against an empty post.

EDO Nasim Ahmed Zahid, in any case, did not follow the requests.

Ms Aliya drew closer the Lahore High Court looking for posting at the Wasso Astna school. The schools secretary on Sept 29 requested the check of the opportunity from the EDO. In spite of the fact that the EDO checked the empty post however needed to post some other educator at the school. Equity Shujaat Ali Khan requested on Oct 14 the schools secretary to settle the case as per the law and in 10 days.

On Oct 19, the secretary requested the posting of Ms Aliya yet School Principal Abida Maqbool declined her joining, saying that she would just continue the joining report after the EDO consent.

Ms Maqbool said Farzana Hameed, instructor of the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Bhowana in Chiniot, had prevailing to get between area exchange orders from the chief of people in general guidelines of the Punjab auxiliary training. The truth of the matter is Ms Hameed was selected on contract with non-transferable administration for a long time.

At the point when asked that according to rules, a BS-17 educator's exchange and posting couldn't be issued without a no-protest testament (NOC) of the official area officer and additionally the schools secretary and the instructor being referred to had no such NOC, she said that she was anticipating headings of the EDO.

EDO Zahid refered to people in general guidelines chief's requests for the Bhawana educator as obstacle in the posting of Ms Aliya.

Sources say the Punjab boss priest's mandate issued on Oct 18 had likewise endorsed the posting of PPSC-qualified contender for the Wasoo Astana school, yet without any result.

Private Secretary to the schools secretary, Khalil Baloch, said the grievance with respect to rebelliousness of the posting requests of the secretary was being examined.