Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Faulty educational approach blamed for militancy

MANSEHRA: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education executive Dr Ghulam Qasim Marwat has said absence of adjusted approach towards instruction has brought on militancy in the nation.

He was tending to the yearly guardians day of Mansehra Public School and Girls College here on Monday.

Noted among members were Hazara University recorder Dr Manzoor Hussain Shah, Consumer Protection Council executive Shahjehan Khan Swati and school foremost Umar Gul Khan Swati.

The KPBTE director told members that instructive establishments ought to guarantee that understudies learn and grow great character as accomplishing positions in the instructive sheets' examination shouldn't be the main point of understudies.

"In the event that you need to create genuine savvy people, we ought to concentrate on the character working of understudies other than guaranteeing they're high-achievers," he said.

Mr. Marwat said instructive organizations ought create specialists, engineers and different experts as well as prep understudies into the genuine people, who serve others with poise and regard.

He valued the execution of Mansehra Public School for offering quality training in the territory for very nearly three decades.

The Hazara University enlistment center said there was a deficiency of good legislators in the nation because of absence of value instruction.

"Until we have the capacities to judge a decent individual, we will welcome each great and awful work of lawmakers. On the off chance that we are genuine about achieving transform, we ought to grant great training to our youngsters," he said.

The important said the school prepped its understudies in a route that subsequent to finishing instruction, they got the capacity to judge amongst great and awful and along these lines, turning into an awesome resource for guardians and society.

The understudies later performed plays and melodramas highlighting a few national issues.

The KPBTE administrator later gave away shields, trophies and gratefulness endorsements to the understudies who welled in curricular and extracurricular exercises.