Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Four children among six hurt as school guard’s gun goes off

LAHORE: Four schoolchildren and two men endured slight wounds when the firearm of a tuition based school's security protect went off apparently amid its cleaning in Factory Area.

Police arrested the gatekeeper and sent for the administrator of the organization which had employed him.

The two men had come to get the kids in the wake of shutting of the tuition based school close Chungi Amar Sidhu.

Police said Ilyas, the security gatekeeper, was checking the shotgun amid school cutting off time when it went. Four kids who had recently left their classes and were sitting tight for their folks and two men endured wounds and were taken to the General Hospital, where they were released after medical aid.

The harmed were recognized as seven-year-old Zoha, eight-year-old Nimra, 10-year-old Obaidullah, 13-year-old Samiullah, Samar, 34, and Siddiq, 55.

Cantonment Division SP Operations Ibadat Nisar told Dawn that they had arrested the gatekeeper and sent for the supervisor of the organization to research the case.

It's normal information, he said, there were serious abnormalities in contracting and preparing of the security watches deputed at different spots including instructive foundations and banks.

The SP said strict activity had been proposed against the organizations which utilize monitors without appropriate preparing.

"For the most part monitors don't not know how to handle a weapon and it brings about unintentional discharging," he said.

He said the SHOs had been coordinated to direct request against the questionable security organizations and scratch off their licenses.

Numerous such episodes had occurred before. On March 12, 2016, two bystanders endured wounds outside a school on Sher Shah Road when the watchman's firearm went off. SOP: A senior cop told Dawn that most security organizations were not taking after SOP issued by the Home Department for their working. He said individuals were being procured in the organizations for security with no appropriate preparing and by and large they even don't know how to handle a weapon.

"There's a standard with age restrict yet nobody tries to check the systems," said the officer who asked for he not be named.

He said they had led a few gatherings with the security organizations and guided them to entirely take after the SOP yet at the same time they were not following the orders.

He said every one of those organizations which are not taking after the security SOP be banned.