Thursday, August 11, 2016

NGO provides assistance to 12 Upper Dir schools

DIR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior Minister Inayatullah Khan has valued the endeavors of a non-administrative association which has given offices to 12 government schools at Barawal tehsil in Upper Dir.

Talking at a function here, he praised the administrations of the "Khwendo Kor" association for dispersing bundles among poor understudies.

The priest said instruction is a key to advance and applauded those working for this reason. Inayatullah Khan declared the updating of the center school Dirkhan to abnormal state which was a longstanding interest of 15 towns.

Barawal Tehsil Nazim Jehan Alam Khan in his discourse said he had put aside an immense asset in the tehsil spending plan for the welfare of poor people and meriting understudies. Venture officer Saeedullah gave an instructions on the offices which has been given to understudies of various schools in Barawal tehsil. He said the KK had given Rs2.4 million to 12 schools at the union board Barawal Bandi under the understudy bundle, preparing was conferred to educators and understudies also.