Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fapuasa supports KU teachers

KARACHI: The Fed­eration of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (Fapuasa), Sindh part, extended its backing to the Karachi University Teachers Society on Thursday and cautioned that all open area colleges in the territory would be shut for a day if their requests were not acknowledged by Aug 30.

The requests, which included evacuating the fund chief, were displayed in a general body meeting which was gone to by delegates of six open segment colleges, aside from instructors of KU.

The house, as indicated by sources, requested that the commonplace government begin issuing yearly allows to the colleges in Sindh, discharge the held-up stipend of KU, and report a one-time bailout bundle for it.

Instructors asked the KU bad habit chancellor to dismiss any weight and pay the yearly leave encashment to educators as per the statutory law of the college as was being done in different colleges.

"They likewise called upon the Higher Education Commission to expand the yearly concede of KU as for its size and reestablish the quarterly allow framework to guarantee the smooth running of the college," says an official statement.