Thursday, July 7, 2016

QAU land lease plan has few takers

Islamabad, So strapped for money is the Quaid-i-Azam University that it has wanted to give away 17 sections of land of arrive on its primary grounds to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, a degree-honoring establishment, on lease for Rs500 million, sources said.

They said actually, the PIDE plans to utilize the looked for after area for setting up own grounds however the Capital Development Authority has officially designated it around 18 sections of land of area in H-11/2 for the reason.

Be that as it may, there're couple of takers for the area lease arrangement.

To start with, it was senior educators and a few individuals from the syndicate, the most noteworthy basic leadership body at the QAU, who restricted the arrangement demanding initial a sizeable part of the college area is as of now involved and second if the area is once "sold" for cash, the demonstration will be rehashed in future under comparative circumstances.

What's more, now, a huge lion's share of the QAU graduated class rejects the arrangement.

The QAU Almuni Association held an online choice among its individuals about it generally.

The arrangement didn't sit well with more than 95 members, who rejected it by and large and asked the administration to report an uncommon money related bundle for the college to address its issues.