Monday, July 11, 2016

Pakistani student breaks Denmark’s grading scale record

A Pakistani understudy in Denmark has broken the nation's greatest reviewing size of 12 to accomplish a towering high normal of 13.6.

Seven years prior, Jawad Shafique's senior sibling did likewise with a normal of 12.3 however this time it is him — the 'miracle kid' as his educators affectionately call him.

"It feels great. I have had the goal to do well and I have at long last succeeded in it," said Jawad, who simply moved on from Niels Brock Business College in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

As indicated by nearby supporter TV2, since the siblings were youthful, their folks instructed them to focus on their training and endeavor to secure decent evaluations.

"When they have a decent training with high evaluations they can experience their lives better," said Jawad's mom Nusrat Shafique.

"I am glad for my kids. I am just so happy that they have done well. The best thing you can give your kids is a decent instruction," she said.

The youthful graduate trusts that his training can lead him to turn his fantasy of getting a high position in the Danish business group into reality.

In 2009, Awais Shafique had moved on from Ishoj Technical College with a normal of 12.3 however it didn't frighten Jawad, his more youthful sibling.

"My sibling showed signs of improvement evaluations than my sister, and after that I simply have secured superior to anything him. I simply get a hold of myself to do well," said Jawad.

Jawad's mom moved to Denmark as a seven-year-old. Nusrat fills in as a guide in Danish Bank while her better half, Mohammad Shafique, acts as an advisor at Danfoss.

Jawad's senior sibling Awais was headhunted for a specialist position at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) after he finished his graduation in International Business from CBS.