Friday, July 8, 2016

3-year LLB violative of legal education rules: PBC

Islamabad—Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has communicated alarm over notices of a few colleges with respect to admission to three-year LLB program for scholastic year 2016-17.

Leading a meeting of Legal Education Committee of PBC here, its executive Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen said the three-year LLB system was violative of the Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 2015.

He said under the guidelines, the colleges bestowing lawful instruction, were required to give confirmations for scholarly year 2016-17 on the premise five-year LLB program rather than three-year LLB program as the last stood annulled after the proclamation of the 'Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 2015' in December, 2015. Every one of the colleges, he said, were appropriately educated not long after proclamation of the Rules vide letters dated 22-01-2016.

The advisory group called upon every one of the colleges conferring lawful training to guarantee that admission to LLB classes for the scholastic year 2016-17, must be made on the premise of 5-year LLB program, as required under the guidelines and if there should be an occurrence of disappointment with respect to any college to do as such, would render it to an activity which may stretch out even to its de-acknowledgment.

It likewise prompted the understudies envious to get affirmation in LLB classes for the scholarly year 2016-17 to note that their confirmation and procuring level of 5-year LLB system would just make them qualified for enrolment as supporter with a bar gathering.— APP