Monday, June 20, 2016

Government consults clerics on Quranic education plan

Islamabad: Having wanted to present Quranic training in schools, the legislature has started interview with ministers about it.

Priest of State for Federal Education Balighur Rehman has reached Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari of the Ittehad-i-Tanzeemat-i-Madaris-i-Deenia, an umbrella association of five fundamental bodies speaking to the across the nation theological schools of various schools of thought, imparted to him the proposition to instruct schoolchildren the Quran recitation (nazra) and interpretation, and looked for proposals.

Qari Hanif guaranteed the pastor of his association's finished backing and collaboration for the proposition's initial execution and said the areas ought to participate with the middle in presenting Quranic training in government schools.

Recently, the elected instruction and expert preparing service presented the proposed syllabi for government schools to the Council of Islamic Ideology for thought.

Under the proposed syllabi, the Quranic training will be a necessary subject from evaluation 1 to review 12.

The understudies will figure out how to recount the Holy Quran in the initial five years of schools and Urdu interpretation of the Holy Quran in the following six years.