Saturday, June 4, 2016

GCU medical awareness camp

LAHORE, Government College University Lahore Quality Enhancement (GCU-QEC) has sorted out therapeutic and mindfulness camp about heart maladies with the expectation of complimentary registration of its personnel and staff individuals.

As indicated by an official statement issued here on Wednesday, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah introduced the camp, while GCU-QEC Director Iram Sohail and famous heart master Dr Aurangzeb Siddique Maan were likewise present.

Talking on the event, Dr Aurangzeb said that coronary illness alone records for 35-40 percent of aggregate infection load in the general Pakistan populace, and as per the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) information, coronary illness related passings in Pakistan had achieved 111,367 or 9.87pc of aggregate passings.

Bad habit Chancellor Prof Shah valued the activity of arranging the therapeutic camp, saying that pulse and heart maladies are noiseless executioners. He communicated appreciation to Dr Aurangzeb for giving his valuable time for the social insurance of the college instructors and staff.