Wednesday, June 29, 2016

From the past pages of dawn : 1966 : Fifty years ago : Religious education

LAHORE: The West Pakistan Education Minister, Malik Khuda Bakhsh, declared the Government's choice to make religious training mandatory up to the Matriculation level. The Government additionally proposed to present it in the universities as a mandatory subject up to the degree level, he said.

Answering to the verbal confrontation on cut movements on new consumption on instruction, he said the mission schools in the region had likewise been requested that show Islamic studies to every single Muslim understudy. As per him, the Government was joining extraordinary significance to the educating of the subject and the present yearly consumption in the field remained at rupees one crore. Other than all course of studies had been amended to align them with Islamic belief system.

Malik Khuda Bakhsh told the House that by 1970 instructing of Science would be presented in all schools in the territory.

[Meanwhile, as reported by offices from Rawalpindi,] Pakistan and Afghanistan consented to here today an arrangement for the operation of a Railway line amongst Chaman and Spinbaldak.

To be finished at an expense of Rs 3.5 million, an around seven-mile long railroad line will be the principal rail route join amongst Pakistan and Afghanistan. The line will be worked by the Pakistan Western Railway.

As per the joint report issued after the marking of the understanding, a different assention for development of the railroad line between the two Governments and the USA AID will be arranged at an early date.

The two Governments have concurred on a basic level that after the fulfillment of the railroad line amongst Chaman and Spinbaldak, the truck proprietors at present occupied with transportation of merchandise amongst Chaman and Kandahar paying little heed to their nationality will be allowed to utilize their vehicles amongst Spinbaldak and Kandahar as per the soul of the Pakistan-Afghanistan understanding for direction of movement in-travel, 1965.