Thursday, May 19, 2016

US military school bars student from wearing Hijab

CHARLESTON: The Citadel military school in South Carolina has denied a solicitation by a recently conceded understudy to wear a customary Muslim headscarf.

The Citadel said a month ago it was thinking about the lady's solicitation to wear the head covering known as a hijab. Yet, school president resigned Lt. Gen John Rosa said in an announcement on Tuesday that after extensive audit, the school has denied the solicitation.

He said the cadet framework depends on a typical uniform and institutionalization of cadets in appearance, activities and benefits is vital to the military framework.

The announcement said the school perceives the significance of the profound and religious convictions of cadets and makes facilities for petition and dietary needs. He said regardless he trusts the understudy, whose name hasn't been discharged, will enlist.