Saturday, May 28, 2016

Teachers observe token strike against new regulation

UPPER DIR: Teachers went on a token strike on Wednesday against new standards presented by the training division just about getting rid of their easygoing clears out.

In Upper Dir, educators watched a token strike to weight the instruction division to turn around the choice. They went to classes by wearing dark armbands to dissent the choice. The strike call was given by All Teacher Coordination Council.

The educators said the choice restricting an instructor to have one and only easygoing leave in a month was absurd. They said how an instructor could go to the DEO office for looking for easygoing leave on events of his relatives' demise.

SHANGLA: Like different regions, teachers in Shangla watched the strike. The essential teachers wore dark armbands to dissent the new control. They likewise requested expansion in pay in the following spending plan and regularization of specially appointed instructors.

Rehbar Ali, president of Shangla part of instructors coordination chamber, told Dawn the educators additionally requested that the administration blend the 75 for every penny specially appointed alleviation in their essential pay, give time-scale advancement, expand annuity from 35 for every penny to 50 and house rent to 50 for each penny.