Tuesday, May 3, 2016

RMS students win placements in summer schools

Islamabad: Millennium Roots Schools is glad to be a platform for its understudies' achievement in winning arrangements at driving summer schools. An energizing world promising enterprise, learning and new encounters anticipates the fortunate Millennials who have gotten acknowledgments from Oxford, Cambridge and all the eight IV classes including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, Cornell, UPENN and Brown, says a public statement.

Millennial Naeem Tariq Mehmood from Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad, will be going to summer project of Introduction to Human Evolution at Harvard University. Another 3 splendid Millennials Sohaib Nashit (AS Level), Anza Tariq (AS Level) and Haadia Ahmed (IGCSE) will join Yale for summers like George W. Hedge and Bill Clinton. Yale Young Global Scholars is an official system of Yale University, for Outstanding High School Students Yale is an American private Ivy League research college in New Haven, Connecticut.

Anza Tariq, Adil Sarwar, Mohammad Hashir Mehmood and Sana Eman Shaukat from AS Level and A Level have gotten acknowledgments from Brown Summer School.

Hammad Hassan from AS Level for Oxford Royale Academy Summer Program and Fiza Maqbool, Waiz Kamran, Anza Tariq, Assawer Toheed, Hammad Hassan, Sohaib Nashit, Zoha Faiz, Raina Paul and M. Usman merit affirmation for their fruitful determination for Oxford Institute.

Another splendid youthful Millennial Abdullah Ashraf will go to the prestigious International Cambridge Summer Program, while Assawer Toheed and Zoha Faiz will go to Cambridge Scholars' Program.

Another understudy Fiza Maqbool from AS Level got grant and acknowledgment from Columbia University, while Fiza Maqbool, Asma Emmanuel, Kinza Imtiaz, Fatima Saeed, Hashir Mehmood and Arooba Khalid for Princeton University, USA and Fatima Saeed Khan, Ayila Bokhari, Ahsan Idrees for Cornell, New York.