Thursday, May 19, 2016

Private schools asked not to hold summer camps


No tuition based school would arrange summer camp for the understudies amid the mid year get-aways without taking earlier endorsement from the training office.

A roundabout issued by the Education Department

Punjab expressed all the tuition based schools would take earlier

endorsement from the instruction division to arrange

summer camps for the understudies.

It further expressed the tuition based schools would not be permitted to request advance expense from the understudies before the mid year get-aways as it increments money related weight on the guardians.

Rashida Shoaib, an occupant of Rawalpindi, said the

summer camps ought to be sorted out for terminal examination class understudies as it were

what's more, it would not be right

on the off chance that non-public schools sort out summer camps for

understudies of Class-I to IV, VI and VII.