Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fata’s ad hoc teachers caught between hope and despair

PESHAWAR: More than 200 impromptu male and female speakers working in brutal circumstances in the tribal territories throughout the previous five years are swaying amongst trust and gloom as they were neither regularized nor paid pay throughout the previous eight months.

"We have been working without pay throughout the previous eight months since our agreements were not restored. We are additionally not getting regularized in spite of our requests," grumbled Riffat Naz, who has been filling in as Physics instructor in Kurram Agency throughout the previous five years on specially appointed premise.

While sitting at a challenge camp set up eight days back before the Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, the most smoking day of the month in this way, the youthful educator looked strained to see nobody from the advanced education office either visit the camp or pay heed to the nonconformists' wretchedness.

A few ladies, who had newborn children with them, went to an adjacent eatery to utilize their washroom. Others looked drained and parched.

All the male and female instructors at the dissent camp had despair composed all over yet at the same time they looked resolved to utilize quiet challenge camp as the main choice to pass on their issues to the legislature.

Their challenge in Peshawar for pay, changeless occupation enters eighth day

These specially appointed speakers were acknowledged as workers of the advanced education bureau of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who were on delegation in tribal territories yet notwithstanding a meeting held to investigate their regularization in Feb 16, 2016, nothing has been done for the situation as such.

Samina, who works in FR DI Khan however hails from Bajaur Agency, said it was cruel to the point that ladies worked in brutal environment in Fata yet nobody thought about the prosperity of the teachers.

"We confronted a wide range of dangers in tribal regions yet we are the ones, who are teaching and offering chance to Fata young ladies to get instruction, yet we are the ones who are disregarded," she said.

Nasir Ali, who hails from Kurram Agency however instructs in a Bajaur Agency school, said there were such a variety of dangers for instructors in the district, particularly from the components contradicted to training, yet at the same time they went out on a limb and taught kids there.

He said the legislature had not valued it ever and even denied them compensation for most recent eight months.

"We have been constrained into living on credits as there are numerous speakers, who need to bolster their families," he said while talking in regards to social and money related issues of the teachers anticipating regularization of their administrations and installment of pay.

Every one of the speakers sitting at the camp said their administrations ought to be regularized as they had been taking a shot at the post of impromptu teachers throughout the previous five years.

They said they were the ones, who guaranteed the entrance of advanced education to the general population in tribal zones yet at the same time they were the ones, who were disregarded by the administration.

The instructors said they had reached authorities of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa advanced education division, which took a choice to support them, yet they confronted despondency and instability as they were still not regularized.

They said they would proceed with the strike until their requests were met.