Thursday, May 26, 2016

FAO, SAU to teach good agri practices

HYDERABAD: The Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam (SAU) Vice Chancellor Dr Mujeebuddin Memon Sehrai on Tuesday underlined the significance of showing great horticulture practices to ranchers so they profit by expanded yield creation.

He was talking at the inaugural session of the four-day preparing sorted out by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and SAU for ranchers and government authorities from Dadu and Mirpurkhas Districts. These two regions are considered doors to two bone-dry zones-Thar Desert and Kachho and are at the last parts of Jamrao and Rice Canal.

The preparation means to enhance crop generation and administration frameworks under the venture 'occupation reclamation, and insurance and practical strengthening of defenseless laborer groups in the territory of Sindh'.

The VC said the agriculturists from these two locale confronted numerous difficulties as dry seasons and flooding. He said Sindh was rich in characteristic assets and it was up to every one of the partners, including government, instructive establishments, specialists, and agriculturists to utilize them in a practical way.

Memon valued the ranchers in remote ranges for demonstrating enthusiasm for adapting new methods, and encouraged them to exchange learning to developing agriculturists so they could maintain a strategic distance from the effects of environmental change and different issues confronted in the fields.

The VC additionally requested that employees gain from neighboring nations and the world and apply that information here to advantage the horticulture groups. "More work is being done in the horticulture segment, water assets mapping and animals administration on the planet and we need to take in these practices and duplicate them here," he included.

FAO Project Coordinator Mumtaz Mangi, presenting the task and clarifying the significance of this preparation, said it will advantage ranchers and pertinent government authorities.

The target incorporates upgrading the limit of government divisions working in these two locale.