Sunday, May 8, 2016

Appointment of VCs for 9 public universities

PESHAWAR: various exceptionally qualified and experienced academicians who were not called for meetings for the posts of bad habit chancellors for nine open area colleges have termed the procedure out of line and encouraged the powers to test the matter before finish of the enlistment procedure.

The scholarly and hunt advisory group, which incorporates recognized academicians and is going by previous administrator of the Higher Education Commission Dr Ataur Rahman, talked with exactly 65 competitors from among the 238 candidates for the prized positions on April 21 and 22.

As per sources, the board of trustees has concluded the rundown of prescribed contender for each college. In any case, attributable to the ex-Pakistan leave of the Secretary Higher Education, the rundown is yet to be given over to the Higher Education Department for further handling.

"The sooner we get the rundown, we would handle it. As the secretary is on leave till Sunday, we trust we would get the rundown after her entry," a senior officer in the Higher Education Department told The News.

In the interim, various senior academicians from various colleges drew closer this columnist to express their worry over the underlying investigation of competitors and the short-posting and meeting process.

A BS-22 teacher with splendid scholastic and examination record, who had been shortlisted however not required the meeting, told The News on the state of obscurity that the procedure was completely non-straightforward and absolutely unjustifiable.

"Countless, very much qualified and experienced academicians have been forgotten from the meeting. Some hopefuls were required the meeting the past night and late around evening time. Then again, academicians with 20-30 years experience of educating, examination and organization were overlooked," he asserted.

Another educator, likewise in evaluation 22 and was parcel of experience, was of the conclusion that the bore of the scholarly and pursuit board of trustees convener was obviously not faulty. "Be that as it may, individuals who did the examination and short-posting for the meeting confused the chiefs and proceeded with the pick and pick arrangement as done before," he guaranteed.

Hopefuls with zero managerial experience were called while those with substantially more encounters having the capacity of pulling in remote financing from various sources were overlooked, he kept up.

"It is to be sure bewildering that hopefuls with unmistakable scholastics and rich experience who were at first shortlisted in the rundown of 44 applicants were not required the meeting while another gathering with less experience was incorporated at the last stage just because of political weight," he asserted.

There were reports that even after the culmination of the short-posting a few competitors who had not been shortlisted were called for meeting by telephone or even SMS at the eleventh hour.An authority of the Higher Education Department, who was a piece of the procedure, said that exclusive a couple of candidates who had achieved the period of superannuation had not been required the meeting. He said later on the request of a few individuals from the pursuit council they were known as a day prior to the meeting. He dismisses the reports about political weight as ridiculous.

Some different applicants who were forgotten termed the whole procedure of choice and meeting as eyewash as the greater part of the occupant bad habit chancellors were given the chance to proceed with their employment.

They said the anomalies ought to be a matter of genuine sympathy toward the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government, which has been guaranteeing that training and wellbeing were its top needs.

"In this period of data innovation the whole procedure of determination must be made straightforward with appropriate evaluation and ought to be just and just legitimacy based. On the premise of the required choice criteria, competitors must be measured with legitimate scoring and from that point the procedure ought to continue likewise to spare advanced education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as it concerns the fate of our coming eras," another distressed teacher said.

The authorities at the Higher Education Department then again dismisses the feeling that anomalies were submitted in the process and termed such claims as absolutely unjustifiable. A senior authority told The News that they had given over a nitty gritty rundown of all the qualified possibility to the inquiry advisory group and it was then its business to do the short-posting and call the contender for meeting.

He said they too alongside the secretary Higher Education Department were shocked when a portion of the candidates were not called for meeting. "We didn't have any say in the last short-posting. The whole procedure was done in a totally straightforward way," he demanded.