Monday, May 16, 2016

500 schools in Mohmand remain closed due to teachers’ strike

GHALLANAI: Around 500 state-run schools in Mohmand Agency stayed shut throughout the previous two weeks because of the instructors' strike for their upgradation.

Conversing with correspondents on Wednesday, president of the Malgari Ustazan Mujahid Khan said the administration had declared redesigning the compensation size of educators four years back. He said the powers had on numerous occasions guaranteed the instructors that the issue of their upgradation would be determined however no move had been made in this way. He said around 2000 instructors had declined to perform obligations until warning of their uprgradation was issued.

"The administration ought to issue notice of the instructors' upgradation as investigations of around 70,000 understudies in Mohmand Agency are influenced," he said, including denying educators of their rights was foul play and deplorable.