Sunday, April 17, 2016

HEC directed to recognise degrees

LAHORE, The Lahore High Court has coordinated the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to perceive degrees of 2,800 understudies secured under a double degree program offered by Comsats University in a joint effort with Lancaster University of UK.

Equity Shahid Karim passed this request on petitions recorded by Abu Bakar, Talha and different understudies of the Comsats University.

The understudies' insight contended that the college got a tremendous expense from the understudies against the double degree program under which the understudies were to study one of the two years of program at the Lancaster University in UK. In any case, he said, the Comsats double-crossed the offer at later stage and the HEC likewise declined to perceive their degrees.

Equity Karim coordinated the HEC and Pakistan Engineering Council to endorse the double degree program offered by the Comsats college and authorize the degrees of the understudies.

Christians: The Lahore High Court on Wednesday looked for help of Attorney General of Pakistan (AG) on a request of testing the repletion of area 7 of the Christian Divorce Act.

Equity Syed Mansoor Ali Shah guided AG to show up on May 12.

Judge likewise coordinated to issue an announcement in daily papers welcoming the recommendations on this issue from Christian parliamentarians in Punjab Assembly and additionally in National Assembly.

Judge communicated alarmed that the parliamentarians had been careless to the reconstruction of Christian individual laws.

Diocesan Alexander John Malik conceded that the area 7 of separation act 1869 ought to be restored.

An amicus curie (companion of court) Ms Hina Jillani unequivocally upheld the perspective of the candidate and affirmed that the assembly had completely neglected to change the law and the Christian minority was living in indefinite quality with respect to regulation of their separation matters.

Organization: The Lahore High Court Green Bench on Wednesday halted South Chemicals (pvt) Ltd, Multan from working for not taking after ecological assurance runs the show.

The seat including Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Shujaat Ali Khan passed this request on an appeal to documented by Punjab Environment Department.

Right hand Advocate General Anwaar Hussain contended that the division had issued natural authorization to South Chemicals in April 2012 with the bearings to satisfy the ecological security prerequisites.

He said the organization did not agree to the bearings and the office issued indicate make see organization in June 2012, which brought about cancelation of consent in July 2013.

The organization documented a bid against the cancelation of the natural consent before Environmental Protection Tribunal, Lahore and the tribunal put aside the division's choice and restored the authorization in May 2014.

The law officer contended that the organization had not been stepping for environment insurance which had been expanding in contamination in the zone. Local people of the region had been grumbling against the organization, he included.