Saturday, February 27, 2016

Girls’ schools not reopened despite return of IDPs

LANDI KOTAL: Five of aggregate six young ladies' schools in Kamarkhel territory of Bara have not been revived yet in spite of authority declarations and certifications.

Folks and senior citizens in the zone said that with all dislodged families from Kamarkhel zone as of now restored to their homes till December a year ago, stand out young ladies school in Adam Khan Kallay had been revived, while schools situated in Sakhi Jan Kallay, Malak Sheen Akbar Kallay, Said Ghani Kallay in Tawda Cheena and Haji Nam Akbar Kallay in Alladhand region were yet to be made operational.

The neighborhood older folks, including Malik Said Rasan, Malik Zainullah and Malikzada Jan Wali, claimed that instructors of the shut schools were drawing pay rates consistently while sitting in homes.

They said that the matter was brought into the notification of the political organization and training office, however no endeavors were made to revive the schools and guarantee participation of educating staff.

They likewise requested procurement of furniture in the young men's schools.

Then, a 16-part board of trustees of brokers of Bara bazaar has issued notification to every one of the retailers to reestablish their rent contracts of their past shops with the business sector proprietors before Feb 20 after which their old contracts would be considered crossed out.

All retailers had surrendered their shops in Sept 2009 when a military operation was begun in

Bara and nobody had restored their rent contract with the proprietors from that point forward.

"The panel needed to guarantee that every one of the shops are given over to their past tenants," Mohammad Ali Afridi, an individual from the board of trustees, said.

Shops in some portion of Bara bazaar were revived on Feb 5 after finish of the street from old Bara bazaar to Alamgudar.