Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Staff body urges BZU to expedite interviews for fresh PhDs

MULTAN: The Academic Staff Association (ASA) of Bahauddin Zakariya University has encouraged the organization to speed up meetings for Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) project of the Higher Education Commission.

ASA President Dr Imran Sharif and Secretary Dr Abdul Sattar Malik, in a letter to Vice Chancellor Dr Tahir Amin, expressed that numerous PhD researchers had been set in the college through the IPFP program, however sadly because of a deferral in handling of their cases the college had lost a large portion of them as they had been drawn closer by different colleges.

They said presently around 50 IPFP employees were anticipating a choice about their future.

"Sadly, a significant number of them have officially finished their between time residency and are for all intents and purposes unemployed," the letter said.

To determine the issue, they requested meetings for posts, which had been publicized and examined for IPFP researchers, be held at the most punctual especially for those researchers who have finished their between time period. Posts that had not been promoted yet for the researchers who had either finished their residency or were presently finishing it ought to likewise be distributed.

In the interim, compatibility of the syndicate's choice to pivot positions of directors/heads of different offices among educators and partner teachers of the same division and syndicate, the bad habit chancellor (VC) on Wednesday supplanted different executives and heads as he was approved to do as such by the syndicate.

Dr Rana Ayaz was allocated obligations of Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) chief supplanting Dr Ishaq Fani; Dr Azra Asghar Ali supplanted Dr Fani as Directorate of Distance Education executive; the charge of Institute of Management Sciences was given to the most senior instructor of the establishment rather than Dr Robina Tareen, who was given the charge of executive by previous VC Dr Alqama; and School of Economics Director Dr Imran Sharif was supplanted by Dr Zahir Fareedi.

Islamic Studies Chairman Dr Saeedur Rehman was supplanted by Dr Sohaib Qudoos; Communication Studies Chairman Dr Ashraf Khan by Dr Ghulam Shabir Baloch; Arabic Department Chairman Dr Shafqatullah by Dr Abdul Rahim; Pharmacy Chairman Dr Bashir by Dr Nazar Ranjha; International Relations (IR) Chairman Dr Farooq Zain by Dr Shahnaz Tariq; Social Sciences Chairman Dr Abdul Kharral by Dr Jam Niaz; Agronomy Chairman Dr Hukoomat Ali by Dr Nazim Labar; and History Department Chairman Dr Muhammad Farooq by Dr Javed Saliyana.

New ISS Director Dr Ayaz likewise holds chairmanship of political science and dignitary of workforce of expressions, while he doesn't have a place with the ISS staff. Essentially, Dr Shahnaz has been given the charge of IR director, however she is not from the division.