Wednesday, January 6, 2016

KU takes action against ‘absentee teachers’ studying abroad

KARACHI: The Pakistani high commissions in the UK, Canada and Sweden have declined guide administration to four educators "concentrating on" in these nations in the wake of accepting a protest against them from Karachi University (KU), it rose on Monday.

Sources said 13 KU educators had gone to the nations on a six-year study leave or on a Higher Education Commission (HEC) grant under its staff improvement program. However, after fruition of their study/grant period, they neglected to rejoin their college.

The educators, the sources said, got their month to month pay rates amid their nonappearance while a solitary HEC grant cost around Rs10 million. The instructor administration was declined to the four educators who had gotten HEC grant, as the lay were on study take off.

Considering their drawn out nonappearance, the college organization a few months back had started asks against the instructors and issued show-cause notification to them.

The KU then drew nearer the applicable Pakistani high commissions looking for activity against them. The sources said the college recuperated 'the burned through cash' from no less than two of the instructors, while another educator looked for ahead of schedule retirement in the wake of accepting the show-causes notice.

The sources said that the activity against the educators was the first of its kind in KU's history and the organization needed to hold up under a ton of weight while actualizing it.

By practice, the college used to end the administration of such "truant" educators however no other move had ever been made.

"The high commissions in these three nations paid heed to our grievance and have ended instructor administration to the four educators who had neglected to return after fruition of their study/grant period," KU enlistment center Moazzam Ali Khan affirmed to Dawn.

He clarified that end of advocate administration likewise implied that the four educators couldn't get their international IDs and national character cards reestablished.

By, the college likewise chose to broaden leave of one of the 13 instructors on a solicitation of her examination chief.

"The college has figured out how to recoup Rs745,000 from an educator, while a few instructors have consented to pay the cash they had gotten amid their leave. Another educator has sent a solicitation for ahead of schedule retirement," he said.

By KU sources, the 'truant educators' incorporated Naveed Anwar and Jamil Ahmed of the Computer Science office, Shumaila Rashid of the Biotechnology division, Asma Khan of the Biochemistry office, Hafiz Mohammad Sohail and Asim Aijaz of the Physics office, Azhar Siddiqui of the Chemistry office, Farah Sadiq of the Applied Chemistry office, Khurrum Kamran of the Mathematics office, Rameez Rizvi of the Agriculture office, Dr Erum Shoaib of Genetics, Kausar Qureshi of Business School.

In addition, the college ended the administrations of seven non-instructing staff and sent show-make sees 49 non-educating staff individuals on charge of 'wastefulness', sources said.

"The move has been made after the accommodation of grievances by their individual divisions where they worked and finish of lawful conventions. Eight request are under way, while the pay rates of 13 non-instructing staff have been withheld," Dr Khan said.

To bring budgetary proficiency, the college had presented an 'understudy following framework' to guarantee that semester expense was appropriately submitted in time, he said.

"Among all general society area varsities the nation over, around 160 in number, Karachi University has the most reduced charge structure. Be that as it may, even this little sum is frequently not paid. Presently with this modernized framework set up, no understudy can join the following semester without presenting their past levy," he said.

The college has likewise gotten rid of money installment as it acknowledges pay arranges just, as indicated by him.

In the mean time, a five-day preparing program on citizenship instruction and group engagement for understudies commenced on the KU grounds. The college is working together with the British Council and the HEC for the project.