Monday, January 11, 2016

Another outlet for book lovers

ISLAMABAD: The Oxford University Press (OUP) opened another shop at the Centaurus Mall on Wednesday.

The shop is the most recent expansion to OUP's system of 18 bookshops the nation over. Clergyman of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Mohammad Balighur Rehman cut the lace.

Mr Rehman said that the new book shop was being seen as a delightful expansion to the changes going ahead in the instruction area, including the development of new science labs.

Discussing the significance of books, he cited American scholastic Charles W. Elliot who said: "Books are the calmest and most steady companions; they are the most open and smartest of the advisors and the most patient of instructors."

The new shop brags a lovely inside with paintings on the dividers and racks lodging books on numerous subjects and distinctive course readings including school, school and college books and supplementary perusing material, English dialect showing materials, instructors' asset books and lexicons. The book shop additionally includes a perusing corner which is a decent place for clients to peruse at recreation.

The new shop will have numerous artistic occasions, including perusing and verse sessions for youngsters and grown-ups.

OUP Managing Director (MD) Ameena Sayed said: "The thought is to build up the propensity for perusing in kids, to give them a chance to find new creators and ideally do well in their studies."

She included that youngsters who read all the more as a rule performed better.

She promised to take the new shop into a social focal point of sorts where numerous exercises will be facilitated for perusers. Book partners went to the opening and skimmed through the titles.

A guest said he favored shopping from OUP shops in light of the fact that they have great accumulations.

Ameena Sayed likewise said the following Oxford Press shop will be opening in Gilgit.