Tuesday, December 15, 2015

University of Health Sciences UHS thesis reports

LAHORE, The 108th meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board of University of Health Sciences (UHS) was hung on Thursday with Vice-Chancellor Maj Gen (R) Prof Muhammad Aslam in the seat.

As per an official statement issued on Thursday, the board considered the postulation reports of Dr. Zia Ullah, M.Phil (Biochemistry), Dr. Abdul Rehman Lakho, M.Phil (Community Medicine), Ayesha Ghazal, M.Phil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Microbiology), Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Javaid, M.Phil (Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology), Dr. Javeria Sarfraz, M.Phil (Pharmacology), Dr. Bilal Habib, M.Phil (Physiology), Dr. Maria Gill, M.Phil (Physiology), Dr. Syed Shahid Mehmood Bokhari, M.S. (Neurosurgery), Dr. Shohreh Ahmadi, M.S. (Plastic Surgery), Dr. Waseem Humayoun, M.S. (Plastic Surgery), Dr. Taquayya Sultana Abidi, Ph.D (Anatomy), Dr. Asmi Shaheen, M.Phil (Human Genetics and Molecular Biology) and Dr. Sikander Ikram M.Phil (Human Genetics and Molecular Biology).

The accompanying outlines were likewise considered for enlistment of understudies in different postgraduate courses: "Radiological examination of elbow joint between 13-21 years of reported age – An age estimation basis" by Dr. Syed Ziauddin, M.Phil (Forensic Medicine), "CDK4 transformations in exon 2 (g5051G>C and g5095G>C0) in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma" by Dr. Juwairya Javed, M.Phil (Oral Pathology), "Correlation of traditional cefoxitin plate dissemination technique with latex agglutination for mecA quality item and PCR for recognition of methicillin safe Staphylococcus aureus" by Dr. Aneela Khawaja, M.Phil (Microbiology), "Impact of diverse mouth washes on surface microhardness of microhybrid and nanocomposite, an in-vitro study" by Dr. Sadia Manzoor, M.Phil (Science of Dental Materials), "Correlation of serum granzyme B levels in typical ladies and ladies with benevolent and threatening bosom illness" by Dr. Muhammad Afzal, M.Phil (Biochemistry) and "Examination of left ventricular mass list of interim in sort II diabetic patients with and without microalbuminuria" by Dr. Develop Maharjan M.D. (Inside Medicine