Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cuban-educated doctors resume agitation

ISLAMABAD: Doctors who examined and prepared in Cuba continued their unsettling on Monday for acknowledgment in the wake of dismissing the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's offer that they retrain at home for one year before being permitted to practice medication in the nation.

After the discussions with the PMDC separated, scores of them raged out of the administrative power's office and wandered on Islamabad roads, requesting that the PMDC perceive their Cuban MBBS degree genuinely.

PMDC Registrar resigned Brig Dr Hafizuddin Ahmed Siddiqui told Dawn that the chamber would meet on Tuesday to examine the issue. An agent of the Higher Education Commission has likewise been welcome to the meeting, he said.

"We trust that the Cuban graduates are great in hypothetical concentrate yet are powerless in clinical work. So it is recommended that they rehash house work. In any case, a definite conclusion will be made in Tuesday meeting," he said.

Taking all things together, 930 such specialists have been in limbo since their arrival from Cuba over a year prior.

Cuba had offered them free training to bond the goodwill its corps of specialists had earned in giving therapeutic help taking after the staggering 2005 tremor, which killed more than 70,000 individuals and harmed a few times more in northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

For over a year, they had been unsettling that the PMDC issue them the Registration of Medical Practitioner (RMP) endorsement to rehearse as doctors.

On Monday, somewhere in the range of 150 of them took the interest to the present interval administration of the PMDC, which requesting that they send three agents to arrange the issue.

One of the agents, Dr Imran Shahzad, later told Dawn that they were gotten by Dr Abid Farooqi, an individual from the interval administration board.

"Dr Farooqi let us know that the PMDC is prepared to issue them the enlistment declaration for one year to work under some senior specialist. We talked about the offer with different partners who rejected it calling it only House Job," he said.

So every one of them chose to proceed with the challenge 'until the issue is determined' and came to the square before the parliament house.

Resistance MNA Sheik Rashid Ahmad and PTI focal pioneer Fauzia Kasuri went along with them to show solidarity with the challenging specialists who scattered at night, reporting that on Tuesday they would arrange the dissent outside the PMDC office.

One of them, Dr Ashfaq Ahmed, advised Dawn that before coming back to Pakistan the Cuban graduates had drawn closer the PMDC to permit them to do the house work at home however they were coordinated to do that in Cuba.

"Everybody of us put in seven years in Cuba for our MBBS degree, with all costs paid by the Cuban government," he said. The administration of Pakistan needed to pay nothing for our instruction, he included.

"We spent the first year learning Spanish dialect, the following five years for the MBBS degree and the most recent one year in house work in Cuba," included Dr Ashfaq who originated from D.G. Khan.

Yet, on returning home with the MBBS degree from the Latin American Medical School, the Cuban graduates found that as opposed to issuing them the RMP authentication, the PMDC requesting they clear National Examination Board (NEB) exam in the first place, he said.

PMDC conducts the NEB test for outside graduates to assess whether they got quality training and are fit to practice medication in Pakistan.

Dr Ashfaq asserted that a substantial number of specialists who did their MBBS in China and Russia fizzled the NEB exam in spite of numerous endeavors.

"Then again, more than 80 for each penny of Cuban graduates cleared every one of the three sections of NEB in initial step. Presently PMDC is stating the Cuban graduates ought to rehash their home employment," he said.

"It is weird. We are permitted to rehearse in Cuba and more than 30 nations, including Argentina, Spain, Venezuela and Chile, yet not in Pakistan. A percentage of the 930 Cuban graduates have effectively left the nation," he said.

Congressperson Mushahid Hussain, who was instrumental in sending them to Cuba, says the PMDC is raising "bureaucratic obstacles" in their way.

"Cuba has the best restorative framework in the Third World," he told Dawn. "Their medicinal framework is shockingly better than some created nations. We are blessed that we have Cuban graduates in Pakistan. In addition, every one of the understudies were chosen on legitimacy so they are as of now exceptionally equipped," he said, dreading the PMDC obstacles would lose the nation gifted and prepared specialists.

"I will bring the issue up in the Senate in light of the fact that at last it is the general population of Pakistan who will endure," he said.