Sunday, November 1, 2015

Governor-CM tussle leaves DUHS with no VC

Karachi, The tussle between the Singh senator and the boss pastor has left the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) with no bad habit chancellor throughout the previous a few days and no one precisely knows who is running the authoritative and money related issues of the varsity nowadays.

The secretary general of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Dr Mira Ali Azhar, said the legislative issues over the arrangement was a debacle for the Sindh's best heath training college.

"Purposeful endeavors are being made to devastate the wellbeing training in Sindh," he said. "I ask why the powers have neglected to choose the bad habit chancellor on legitimacy as such."

The tussle between the two top established powers of the region finished in stalemate after Sindh Governor Dr Isharat-Ul-Ebad pulled back warning of Dr Noshad Shaikh's arrangement additionally sent back the rundown sent from Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to delegate Dr Saeed Qureshi for the unfilled post.

Allegedly, the genius bad habit chancellor, Dr Umer Farooq, should run the college's undertakings, however he had been ended by the previous bad habit chancellor, Dr Masood Hameed, before his retirement.

A senior authority of the Sindh government on the state of not specifying his name told The News that that a hunt board headed by Azra Pechuho had concluded Dr Saeed Qureshi for the post and the representative was asked for to sign the synopsis for his arrangement.

Rather than following up on the boss clergyman's recommendation, the senator designated his "reliable" Dr Noshad Shaikh.

"The representative and the boss priest held a meeting on Monday and it was chosen that the senator would pull back his notice while he would likewise send back the boss' rundown clergyman back for restarting the procedure," he guaranteed. "Them two are presently anticipating the result of an appeal recorded against the inquiry council to locate a suitable bad habit chancellor. Until the case is chosen by the Sindh High Court, they won't mediate into the varsity's issues".

He likewise asserted that they would not enjoy a column over giving the varsity's charge to any of their 'top choices'.

"Preceding this tussle, they additionally had a contradiction over delegating the acting bad habit chancellor. The boss pastor had advised Dr Umer Farooq to be the acting bad habit chancellor while the representative had told KU Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Qaiser as the acting leader of the DUHS", he reviewed.

The official, who is connected with the instructive undertakings, further asserted that Mrs Rana Qamar, the wife of previous Vice Chancellor DUHS Dr Masood Hameed, was the 'true' bad habit chancellor of the varsity and included that she was supported by Registrar DUHS Nadeem Ahmed and different authorities in such manner.

"This circumstance suits the senator in light of the fact that Masood Hameed's wife is running the varsity with the recorder's assistance. She as of now holds a few portfolios, including the chief quality control and the head of hepatitis control project, and she is likewise running the money related issues in a roundabout way", the authority asserted.