Thursday, October 15, 2015

Underprivileged children to be enrolled in UoP schools

PESHAWAR: To annihilate youngster work and offer instruction to the underprivileged kids, the University of Peshawar (UoP) has chosen to offer free training to them in its constituent schools - the University Public School and University Model School. An update of comprehension was marked between the UoP and PLAN International on Monday.

The MoU was marked by UoP Vice-Chancellor Dr Rasul Jan and Country Manager of PLAN International, Farah Naz.

It will stay powerful for a long time wherein the accomplice associations will investigate potential shared helpful examination and group based tasks.

The key segment of the understanding would incorporate understudy introduction, preparing of PLAN staff in social exploration, learning sharing and entry level position for the Department's understudies of Sociology.

Talking on the event, Dr Rasul Jan said that it tormented him to see a kid doing some work to gain bread and spread for his family rather than examining.

Farah Naz said her association worked with distinctive accomplices for the kids' privileges and youth.