Monday, October 19, 2015

UHS barred from announcing results

LAHORE, A division seat of the Lahore High Court on Monday banned the University of Health Sciences from reporting aftereffect of 100 understudies of Red Crescent Medical & Dental College and looked for answer from it over alliance of the school with it.

The seat, drove by Justice Ayesha A Malik, issued the request on an appeal of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). Counsel for PMDC Barrister Muhammad Umar fought the chamber had as of now issued a notification to the school for cancelation of its alliance for abusing the tenets and regulations and neglecting to meet set principles of instruction. He brought up that a legal commission had likewise prescribed activity against the school and PMDC had been requesting that the school enhance its training standard for a long time. Rather, the school organization has been misleading so as to secure stay orders and disguising actualities from courts. This time, the school organization, he contended, utilized a few understudies to get a request from court and actualities were not uncovered before a solitary seat. He said the school organization had opened affirmation for the 2015 session and now holding exams for the session. The candidate asked for the court to prevent UHS from announcing the consequence of 100 RCMC understudies. In the wake of listening to the contentions, the court issued a stay request against results and looked for a nitty gritty answer from UHS by October 11.