Monday, October 5, 2015

Islamia College Peshawar : Preparations for centenary celebrations ceremony reviewed

PESHAWAR: The closing function of the century festivities of the noteworthy Islamia College Peshawar would be held from November 2 to 9. Prominent identities from the territory and rest of the nation would take an interest in different projects of the finishing up week.

A meeting of distinctive boards of trustees for the courses of action of the finishing up function was held with Vice Chancellor of Islamia College University (ICU) Muhammad Ajmal Khan in the seat.

In-charges of different boards, heads of showing and non-scholastic offices, and office-bearers of senior graduated class affiliation went to the meeting.

They introduced the advancement reports of boards of trustees tasked with making courses of action for the finishing up function. The meeting solicited the old understudies from Islamia College, Peshawar, to enlist themselves with the applicable boards of trustees for interest in the projects.

They likewise solicited the old understudies from school to contact the accountable for Khyber Union Hall, on the off chance that they had any uncommon photo of their training life in the Islamia College.

The old understudies could likewise share composed material to highlight the history and battle of ICU towards advancement of training in the area. This material will be put on show amid the finishing up function.

Rich tributes were paid to the worthy administrations recently Prof Jehanzeb Niaz, who inhaled his last some time prior.

Fateha was offered for the left soul recently educator of 1960 time, who was a symbol of information and light in the field of Pashto dialect and writing.