Friday, September 11, 2015

Call to abolish medical colleges entrance test

LAHORE, Punjab PPP president Mian Manzoor Watto has requested canceling the passageway test framework in Punjab for the understudies looking for admission to medicinal universities in an announcement issued on Sunday.

He said the passage test was hostile to justify and unfair in its inclination on the grounds that understudies who got 950 imprints out of 1000 in the FSC examinations may not get affirmation.

He reviewed that in 1986-87 enactment was gone to present legitimacy in medicinal schools and the building colleges entirely taking into account legitimacy and legitimacy alone dictated by the consequences of FSC examination.

The folks and understudies were absolutely fulfilled by the recognition of legitimacy for looking for confirmation in expert universities and there was no protestation from understudies who were denied the affirmation on the off chance that they secured obliged legitimacy in the exams of FSC.

The same enactment likewise done away the quantity arrangement of representative, boss pastor, principals of the universities and the framework was working flawlessly as was showed by the no dissention from any side. It likewise tended to the unlawful routine of proposals from the top, he included.

He watched that the passage framework was intensely weighted against the understudies who originated from the Urdu medium foundation and favored the English medium understudies. It is unfair in light of the fact that it recoils the possibilities of the ordinary citizen understudies in getting confirmation in spite of the fact that they got more numbers in the FSC results when contrasted with other people who got affirmation.