Sunday, August 23, 2015

Promoting research culture: AIOU launches Pakistan Journal of Science and Technology

ISLAMABAD: The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has dispatched its fresh out of the plastic new research diary 'Pakistan Journal of Science and Technology' in accordance with the college's purposeful endeavors to advance exploration society.

While tending to a workshop as boss visitor, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Prof Dr Mukhtar Ahmed termed the starting of diary a superb activity with respect to AIOU towards advancing examination society the nation over.

Director Dr Mukhtar said HEC is resolved to advance examination culture and backing advanced education establishments in such manner. He said the era of new and effective scattering of existing information is a key obligation of organizations of higher learning.

He said that "Pakistan Journal of Science and Technology" ought to be put online with the goal that most extreme number of scientists could profit by the examination material. He welcomed the activities and cutting edge methodology of AIOU officeholder bad habit chancellor for further enhancing the college's working at all levels. Prof Dr Mukhtar uncovered that non-formal arrangement of instruction was assuming a basic part in accomplishing the stipulated focuses in instructive segment. The AIOU is currently laying more prominent spotlight on the advancement of examination based inventive studies and thoughts to help the individuals meet new difficulties in financial fields, he included. He welcomed the dedication and committed work of Dr Zafar Ilyas and praised him on propelling the fresh out of the box new Journal of Science and Technology.

AIOU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui said since he assumed control over the charge around ten months back, exploration work is his number one need as making and building information is the principle employment of any college. He said that three fresh out of the box new research diaries identify with Urdu dialect. Administration Science and Open Education diary will likewise be distributed soon, he included.

Bad habit Chancellor Dr Siddiqui further said that to scatter examination papers and to spur youthful analysts to accomplish more in their individual fields, a progression of workshops, classes and gatherings had been embraced at national and global levels. He underlined the need to reinforce linkages between examination foundations and the individuals who are in charge of usage of exploration discoveries. Research phenomena don't happen in seclusion and should be connected with the general public, he included.

He said that colleges ought to be known for their examination work and must assume a proactive part in developing and making learning through exploration, which is good to worldwide standard. Teaching basic speculation among understudies is basic for getting them the standard of instruction, he included. Examination ought to offer response to the inquiries confronted by policymakers and different partners in the country building undertaking, he included. The AIOU bad habit chancellor further said that the part of colleges - as focuses of exploration, showing and brilliance - has accepted more prominent significance, including that the college at its level will do its best to accomplish the fancied objectives. A decent college, he said, is known by the social, social and scholarly exercises embraced by it and AIOU is endeavoring most extreme endeavors to do likewise. He included that various projects have been begun in the late months to add to its fundamental grounds as a center of such exercises.

College of Gujrat Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ziaul Qayyum and GC University Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Ali Shah likewise went to the exploration diary propelling function as visitor of distinctions.

Bad habit Chancellor Dr Siddiqui is the benefactor in-boss and AIOU Department of Physics Chairman Dr Ilyas is the editorial manager in-head of the diary while the consultative board contains 38 understood educationists from home and abroad including the US, Canada, the UK, Russia, China, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, India and Egypt.