Friday, August 21, 2015

Islamabad bar to start verifying the degrees of lawyers

ISLAMABAD: The administrative power for attorneys in the government capital, the Islamabad Bar Council (IBC), has chosen to begin checking the instructive capabilities of the 3,700 legal advisors in the capital.

These attorneys rehearse in the capital's sessions courts, extraordinary courts, tribunals and at Islamabad High Court (IHC).

Previously, the Punjab Bar Council served as an administrative power for Islamabad-based legal advisors. After the foundation of the IHC, in 2012, Islamabad Bar Association President Syed Javed Akbar started a procedure for checking the degrees of legal advisors yet couldn't finish this undertaking amid his one-year term in office.

Mr Akbar told Dawn that it was an old interest by expert attorneys, that the degrees of those honing in the field be confirmed.

"I thought the assignment of confirming instructive certifications could be finished in three or four months. Be that as it may, I began the procedure in September 2012 and by January 2013, I had just figured out how to gather 1,000 degrees from 3,700 legal advisors," he said.

He asserted that there was weight from specific gatherings who did not need him to open this current 'Pandora's container'.

"What's more, regardless of my earnest attempts, I couldn't finish the undertaking of confirming the degrees held by the legal advisors. I had trusted that my successors would finish the occupation yet they didn't," he said.

As indicated by a few legal advisors, fake degree holders assume a part amid the decisions of bar affiliations so various legal counselors don't need the procedure of check to be begun.

Nonetheless, the occupant body of the IBC communicated trust that since its five years residency would end in 2020 they could finish the assignment of confirming degrees.

A senior individual from IBC told Dawn that the fake degree holders are denying proficient attorneys of their honest to goodness rights.

"Notwithstanding taking without end potential customers, fake legal counselors additionally figure out how to get lawful posts, for example, standing insight, representative lawyer general and prosecutors," he said.

To represent the earnestness of the issue, one just needs to consider the instance of a standing advice who served in Islamabad in 2008-2009 and was named extra prosecutor general of Punjab before it was discovered that his legitimate capabilities were fake.

On the other hand, his arrangement was taken away after he lost a case, charging him of holding a fake degree.

IBC Vice Chairman Shuaib Shaheen told Dawn that dissimilar to bar affiliations, the bar board is a statutory body, which appreciates power of starting procedures or disavowing the licenses of legal counselors.

He said that the degrees confirmation procedure would be begun in the present month.

As per him, the legal counselors would be requested that confirm their instructive accreditations from the instructive foundations, where they had mulled over and to submit authenticated duplicates of their instructive degrees to the IBC.

"The IBC would forward these degrees to the instructive organizations and to Higher Education Commission (HEC) for re-check," he included.