Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gomal varsity fails to undo illegal appointments

PESHAWAR: Due to weight and dangers from compelling gatherings, the organization of Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, couldn't fix the arrangement of around 200 instructors and managerial staff made infringing upon legitimacy by the bad habit chancellors in the past eight years, as indicated by sources.

They said that an abnormal state test advisory group of the Higher Education Department (HED) had pronounced as flawed and questionable the whole choice procedure of around 200 educators and managerial staff from evaluation 18 to review 21 by the determination board and syndicate.

The board of trustees in its report, submitted to the senator more than five months back, had prescribed to the powers concerned to proclaim the arrangements invalid and void and that the case may be alluded to the skillful power for starting disciplinary activity.

The boss secretary had shaped the enquiry panel on February 6, 2014 when reports rose about monetary emergency in the college during a period when it was not able to pay compensations to the workers.

In spite of a failure of more than five months, there is no sign that the panel's suggestion with respect to the arrangements would be executed. Certain different suggestions, including boycott on crisp arrangements, abrogation of extra positions, and so on have been actualized, the sources said.

They said that Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan, who is additionally chancellor of the college, had likewise sanction the report and requested execution of its suggestions.

They said that the HED had coordinated the organization of Gomal University over and over to devise a work arrangement for execution of the proposals of the request board of trustees. Be that as it may, they said, the college had so far not arranged any workable arrangement, which had been creating postpone in making legitimate move against the educators selected disregarding legitimacy.

"The college organization imparted a work plan to HED, however that was turned around it in light of the fact that there were such a variety of imperfections in it," an official in HED told Dawn. They authority included that HED had requested that the college organization illuminate it when and how the suggestions would be executed.

Then again, the sources said that there were little risks of usage of the test board's suggestions for different reasons like vicinity of solid political gatherings among the educators. The VC has been feeling the weight from such gatherings and abstaining from making disciplinary move, they said.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ehtesab Commission and National Accountability Bureau were likewise examining abnormalities in the Gomal University all alone level, the sources said.

At the point when reached, a senior authority in the organization of Gomal University told Dawn that the disciplinary activity against the educators delegated infringing upon legitimacy was unimaginable. "Nobody can fix the instructors' arrangements," he said.

The authority, who has been taking a shot at a vital position, said: "There are mafias in the college and all are intent on obliterating the college for their work force advantages." It is a noteworthy issue that all the personal stake gatherings of representatives get united against any individual who need to streamline undertakings of the college, he said.

"The personal stake gatherings put weight on the college organization to dispatch challenges if any disciplinary move is made. Such gatherings even issue direct dangers to the VC," he said.