Monday, August 10, 2015

Call to make UVAS courses field-oriented

LAHORE, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talata Naseer Pasha Wednesday focused on the requirement for making college certificate courses field-arranged with spotlight on "adapting by doing".

Leading a meeting orchestrated by the UVAS's Institute of Continue Education and Extension (ICE&E) to overhaul the plan of investigation of the two-year Livestock Assistant Diploma as indicated by cutting edge market needs, he focused on the need that the courses/educational program of the confirmation ought to be a greater amount of useful and the understudies must be prepared on effective and quality administration conveyance to the cultivating group on their doorsteps.

He said courses ought to be overhauled keeping in view the business sector needs with spotlight on corporate dairy cultivating, motorization, immunization, antibody taking care of, and so forth. He said the varsity has made no increment in understudies' charge keeping in view their money related hardships.

The meeting members held an open talk on the current plan of investigation of the certificate course and made different proposals. Some new courses were included while a percentage of the current courses' practicals were given more weight, lessening the hypothesis bit.

Chief ICE&E Prof Dr Muhammad Abdullah, Dean Prof Dr Khushi Muhammad, Prof Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani, Dr Tayyab Muneer, Prof Dr Sher Muhammad, Prof Dr Mian Abdus Sattar and authorities from the L&DD Department Punjab and private associations additionally went to the meeting.

course readings: Textbooks of halfway classes are accessible in adequate amount in the business sector, said a representative for the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB).

He said that gossipy tidbits about postponement in accessibility of course books in the business were an endeavor to harm the notoriety of the association.

He said that the PCTB had made further assignment for expansion in amount of course books in the business. He said that every one of the matters were being managed straightforwardly. He said the authorities in charge of oversight in a guide in Geography book for class 8 had been repatriated/ended from the administration and they were further being continued according to law. He said the SOPs of the PCTB were being enhanced to keep away from such missteps in future.