Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fasting can be harmful to children, Professor Dr. Rai Asghar

Rawalpindi, Fasting among kids, especially beneath 13 years old, in extreme warmth spells may put their lives in question bringing on serious drying out.

Fasting for more than 16 hours in the blessed month of Ramazan may likewise influence their mental and physical development and lower insusceptibility level in their bodies because of impacts on their sustenance. In the current climate conditions, a youngster beneath 13 years old while fasting may confront serious lack of vital minerals in the body.

Fasting among kids ought not be supported superfluously as it turns into a commitment on a Muslim when he or she achieves adulthood and it is not as per the teachings of Islam to put wellbeing of a youngster in question because of fasting, said Head of Pediatrics Department at Rawalpindi Medical College and Allied Hospitals Professor Dr. Rai Asghar while conversing with 'The News' on Tuesday.

He said that lack of specific salts in the assortment of a kid can bring about genuine wellbeing dangers while influencing mental and physical development gravely.

Fasting in kids in the current climate conditions can bring about extreme parchedness alongside hypoglycaemia (bringing down of glucose in blood). It can likewise influence their resistance level making them more powerless against serious diseases including looseness of the bowels, typhoid and hepatitis A that has as of now hit youngster populace in the area seriously, he said.

It is vital that the united doctor's facilities alongside private health awareness offices around the local area have as of now been accepting an enormous inundation of youngster patients with gastrointestinal maladies including the runs.

Dr. Rai said a kid has littler holds in his body and can't bear to be without sustenance or water for 16 or more hours so fasting among youngsters particularly beneath 12 or 13 years old ought to be disheartened to evade intricacies.

A youngster can't take substantial amount of nourishment or liquids at one time, at the season of "Sehr" like grown-ups and he or she needs littler dinners all the more often after every three to four hours, which is unrealistic while fasting, he said.

A rate of sustenance that a youngster devours is used by the body for development while a part of it is required for exercises and henceforth a kid requires all the more imperatively incessant admissions not at all like grown-ups, he clarified.

He included the procedure of digestion system is quicker in kids than in grown-ups and in the event that its level gets anomalous in a youngster, it would debilitate insusceptibility. He clarified that in moderate atmosphere, an offspring of six years old or more needs no less than 1.5 to two liters of water in a day that he can't take while fasting.

It is vital that it is a typical practice in our general public that youngsters beneath 12 years old do quick now and again taking after their enthusiasm and dominant part of folks admire them for the deed. "Folks ought not permit youngsters to quick when it is not a commitment on them," said Dr. Rai while reacting to an inquiry.

He said much of the time, parchedness created by fasting in kids may not be extreme obviously but rather in malnourished youngsters, it may bring about serious confusions and even life-undermining circumstance.