Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teachers seek removal of Chitral college principal

CHITRAL: The educators of Government College Chitral have requested expulsion of the main from the post for supposedly being excessively cruel, making it impossible to them.

In an application tended to the secretary advanced education office, the educators said that the key, Masood Ahmed Khan, was an awful tempered individual who frequently utilized harsh dialect as a part of routine talks with staff individuals.

`On numerous events he straightforwardly mishandled instructors, authoritative and other staff in routine working hours, which is against code of morals for a man holding such a high position,` said the application.

The educators said that understudies frequently challenged against the exploitative conduct of the central, however the higher powers didn`t listen carefully to the issue.

They said if the essential kept on holding the position, there was likely risk of conflicts emitting among staff, understudies and the vital.

They called attention to that the chief constantly debilitated the showing staff with unfavorable comments on their ACRs with an aim to stop their advancements.

They asserted that the important frequently turned to the death penalty of understudies.

In their application, the educators said that the main ought not be appointed any authoritative obligation as he was `not fit` for such work.

They alsothreatenedtogo on a strike if the school head wasn`t changed.