Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Students, teachers take to streets against BISE Swat Board

MINGORA: The instructors and understudies of tuition based schools took to avenues on Tuesday against the organization of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Swat for what they called pronouncing `bogus` aftereffects of auxiliary school testament examinations.

The require the dissent was given by Private Schools Management Association (PSMA). The board had reported the names of main 20 position holders in SSC examinations on June 14 and proclaimed the general results on June 15 which activated challenge by the administration and understudies of tuition based schools.

Tending to the nonconformists, PSMA president Sawab Khanalleged that the main 20 positions in the SSC examinations were honored on the premise of nepotism.

`The understudies of the schools, which were closer to the BISE organization, were recompensed positions and the astute understudies of different schools were purposely given less marks,` he said.

Mr Khan said that answer sheets of the understudies were sent to Bannu where understudies of FSc checked them. `Under the BISEs rules, just those instructors, who have over seven years experience, are qualified to check the papers,` he included.

Khurshald Khan, another office-carrier of PSMA, likewise faulted the BISE Swat organization of injustice and charged that the consequences of SSC examinations influenced the clever understudies as they had buckled down and were confident to get top positions.

`The BISE Swat organization has played with the fate of the youthful era which will never be acknowledged by us,` he said.

The PSMA office-bearers, stu-imprints and educators requested of the administration to dispatch a legal investigation into the matter and made open the `real results`.

On the other hand, BISE authorities dismisses the allegations of PSMA and guaranteed that the outcomes were 100 percent precise.

`We have all papers and record of the examinations with us andregret the conduct of a few components, who accuse the administration,` Mohammad Ishaq, the right hand controller examinations of board, told Dawn. He said that a request would be dispatched soon into the matter and legitimate move would be made against the dissenters if their claims were demonstrated false.