Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LCWU VC eyes Professor Emeritus status to stay in power

While the procedure of arrangement of bad habit chancellors (VCs) by Punjab Higher Education Department is in its last stages, one of the officeholders is making a decent attempt to guarantee she stays at the same position even after her residency terminates, Pakistan Today has learnt.

In an offer to be given the status of Professor Emeritus, the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) bad habit chancellor has put her case before the Syndicate meeting for support.

Dr Sabiha Mansoor, the serving LCWU VC, has not been shortlisted by the pursuit council that was constituted to fill the positions of VCs that are empty or will be emptied in the not so distant future.

"According to the guidelines, a sitting VC can't assign herself for the position of Professor Emeritus in a Syndicate meeting," said an authority of the Punjab government who went to the meeting a day or two ago.

"The Syndicate meeting is not enabled to affirm her case as she has not been shortlisted by the pursuit board of trustees nor has she resigned yet," the authority said, including that her case could just be considered after her retirement on July 13.

"Another issue is that Dr Sabiha doesn't even satisfy the criteria to end up Professor Emeritus," brought up another member of the Syndicate meeting. "To end up Professor Emeritus one ought to have an affair of residency for no less than 10 years as per the Higher Education Commission (HEC) norms." The status of Professor Emeritus, the member said, could just be honored by the candidate's guardian foundation.

"She came here as VC and is not a representative of LCWU. She can be thought to be delegated Professor Emeritus at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) where she has been showing yet not at LCWU," another member of the Syndicate meeting told Pakistan Today.

The authority uncovered that when a delegate of the Finance Department questioned the plan of the meeting, Dr Sabiha mortified her. The meeting didn't endorse her case, he included.

He further said that Dr Sabiha attempted to pressurize those employees who questioned her arrangement as Professor Emeritus by undermining to compose letters against them to higher powers.

"No less than two of them were available in the Syndicate meeting and are among those 23 competitors who have been shortlisted for the pined for post of VC by the inquiry council," another authority included.

Taking to Pakistan Today, Dr Sabiha asserted that she is qualified to end up Professor Emeritus as she has served at the LCWU for a long time, which were adequate for her to turn into her parent organization.

She further said that her name was proposed by Dr Rubina, an individual from graduated class of the varsity and endorsed consistently.

It is appropriate to say here that the skilled power to designate Professor Emeritus is the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and not the Syndicate.