Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) 14th Convocation held

Islamabad, The 14th Convocation of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) was held at the Jinnah Convention Center here on Wednesday.

FJWU Chancellor and Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana recompensed degrees to the graduating understudies. HEC Executive Director Mansoor Akbar Kundi was additionally present on the event.

The chancellor of the college, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, while talking on the event, said: "I salute the folks who have figured out how to manage the cost of the costs of their kids notwithstanding their restricted assets. The graduating understudies likewise merit gratefulness on the grounds that they figured out how to accomplish this point of interest regardless of all chances."

Tending to understudies at the assembly, he said: "You got the chance to obtain advanced education however there are numerous individuals who don't have the assets to seek after their training. You need to serve such individuals and make life simpler for them and have any kind of effect in their lives. The genuine training is equipped towards arousing the inward fire for learning. Educators' part can't be ignored in light of the fact that they prep understudies and help them achieve the skies."

Prior, FJWU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Samina Amin Qadir said that the Fatima Jinnah Women University gladly possesses the sign of being the first ladies' college of Pakistan. Built up in 1998, the FJWU has turn into a paragon for ladies' colleges, as well as included among driving degree-recompensing establishments. It is right now positioned at 4th position among medium-size state funded colleges of Pakistan.

The beneficiaries of gold decorations in lone wolf's and expert's projects are: Ms. Somia Jawed (Masters in Behavioral Sciences), Ms. Nigar-e-Noor (Bachelors in Behavioral Sciences), Ms. Rabia Amir (Bachelors in Business Administration-Self Support), Ms. Fatima Shabbir (Business Administration-Regular), Ms. Amna Nasir (Masters of Computer Sciences), Ms. Nirmal Tariq (Bachelor of Computer Sciences), Ms. Bushra Mehboob (Bachelors of Computer Sciences- Self Support), Ms. Maryam Khalid (Masters of Communication and Media Studies), Ms. Mehar Inaam (Bachelors of Communication and Media Studies), Ms. Muneeza Farman (Masters of Defense and Diplomatic Studies), Ms. Misbah Arif (Bachelors of Defense and Diplomatic Studies), Ms. Samreen Babar (Masters of Economics), Ms .Beenish Javed (Bachelors of Economics), Ms. Aneela Alam (Masters of Education), Ms. Arooba Rafeh (Bachelors of Education), Ms. Ayesha Gul Khattak (Masters of English), Ms. Moneeza Rafiq (Bachelors of English), Ms. Noora Khalid (Bachelors of Environmental Sciences), Ms. Komal Shahid Khan (Masters of Fine Arts), Ms. Fatima Akram (Bachelors of Fine Arts), Ms. Haram Awan (Masters of Gender Studies), Ms. Ghazala Bibi and Ms. Fatima Ghazi (Bachelors of Gender Studies), Ms. Saba Zaheer (Masters of Islamic Studies), Ms. Mariya Razzaq (Masters of Public Administration), Ms. Shah-Rukh Beg (Bachelors of Public Administration), Ms. Sadaf Nawaz (Bachelors of Mathematics), Ms. Umaimah Malik (Bachelors of Computer Arts), Ms. Hina Rashed (Bachelors of Software Engineering).

This year, various supported gold awards have additionally been granted to the understudies with remarkable accomplishments. In such manner, National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) Foundation has supported two gold decorations and money prize of Rs5,000 each for PhD researchers of the Department of Environmental Sciences.

A gold award was established by the First Women Bank in 2005. The desired recompense for the scholastic session 2012-2014 went to Ms. Samreen Baber of the Department of Economics.

Another gold award and money prize of Rs15,000 was established by The Bank of Punjab in 2012 for the top-scoring understudies of the Business Administration Department. The desired recompense for the scholastic session 2010-2014 went to Ms. Fatima Shabbir of the Department of Business Administration.

The Media Development Trust (Mishal Pakistan) additionally supported two gold awards for the top-scoring understudies of the Media and Communication Studies. This year, these gold decorations were given to Ms. Mehar Inam and Ms. Maham Javed of the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

Dr. Samina Amin Qadir said that in the 14th conference of the college, the aggregate number of PhD understudies was two, though 63 understudies were recompensed M.Phil degrees. The quantity of understudies at expert's level was 612 and the quantity of understudies at single guy's level was 521. Gold and silver awards were honored to 69 understudies. In eight divisions, M.Phil degrees prompting PhD were granted. She said that the FJWU has 48 PhD employees and 10 employees would be returning this year in the wake of finishing their PhD degrees.

The bad habit chancellor said that the aggregate spending plan of the college is Rs1083.746 million, from which 50% (504.679 million) is being produced by the college. "We deal with this through the ostensible charges we get from understudies. We have just gotten Rs41 million from Rs220 million which was vowed by the CM for our lodging. Another lodging wing is being built by USAID for the Department of Education. The HEC has additionally given us allow for the development of a games focus in the college. Notwithstanding this, a measure of Rs10 million has been given to us by the HEC for security plans," she said.

She said that for the new grounds at Chakri Road, two PC-1s worth Rs900 million have been submitted. "The limit dividers have as of now been raised. After support of the PC-1, we can begin development. A tube well has been introduced in the new grounds. Four controls which will be presented in the new grounds are material science, science, law and trade. The trade course has as of now been begun in the current grounds at night," she said.

As indicated by her, taking all things together, the FJWU understudies have gotten 4,236 portable PCs, through PM Scheme 442 and through CM plot 3794 tablets were granted to the understudies. "The H-8 College is now connected with the FJWU and we likewise need Viqar-un-Nisa College and Satellite Town College to get partnered with us," she said.

She educated that for first time they are assigning spending plan for the assessment expenses for examination papers to be distributed in universal diaries. Two worldwide meetings were additionally sorted out this year.