Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eight Karachi Metropolitan Corporation KMC employees arrested for fraud

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency asserted on Saturday to have captured eight representatives of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation for supposedly running a racket worth a large number of rupees in connivance with the staff of a bank by exchanging pay rates to the records of phantom workers of the instruction office consistently.

Tending to a public interview, FIA Sindh Dire­ctor Shahid Hayat Khan said the trick running for as far back as couple of years created a month to month loss of Rs30m.

"The captured KMC authorities incorporate chiefs instruction Mansoor Mirza and Mohammad Ehsan, chief finance Moham­mad Ameen, appointee executive training administrator Saleem Kale Khan, delegate chief training records Raziur Rahman, partner chief instruction Mohammad Maz­­har, agent Hassan Ahm­ed and nursery worker Syed Naveed Jameel," Mr Khan said.

He said the captured individuals did the extortion in connivance with Alim Hussain Qadri, supervisor of a Habib Bank office. "The bank director has additionally been captured," he included.

He said the denounced used to sustain fake particulars in the finance of front persons who were basically their relatives or relatives through the executive finance to create a fake worker code.

At that point, he said, the associate chief instruction concerned arranged fake and false supplementary bills through the pay-sheet assistant for the sake of the front individual.

The executive instruction, who was paid up to Rs3.5m every month as his offer, marked the fake bills, he incl