Monday, June 29, 2015

BIEK declares results for humanities, home economics three months early

Karachi, The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Wednesday declared the aftereffects of higher auxiliary school testament part-II yearly examinations 2015 of humanities (normal and private), recognition in physical instruction, unique applicants (humanities standard gathering) and home financial aspects bunches.

The BIEK controller of examinations, Muhammad Imran Khan Chishti, claims that the outcomes were arranged and reported in the briefest conceivable time when contrasted with whatever other loads up living up to expectations in the nation.

The active BIEK administrator while circulating prizes among position holders said the matric board had yet to declare the outcome however the entomb board had pronounced the outcome three months prior to its due date.

The outcomes are as per the following:

Humanities consistent

The hypothesis exams of humanities gathering (consistent) were held between April 28 and May 21 while functional exams proceeded till June 15. Upwards of 11, 227 competitors enrolled for the yearly exams out of which 10, 959 understudies showed up and 4,305 hopefuls were effective. The general rate of competitors who passed the exam was 39.28 percent.

As per the official periodical, 1,337 male understudies enrolled for the exam out of which 1,302 competitors showed up in the papers and just 330 understudies, a normal 25.35 percent of the aggregate enlisted hopefuls, figured out how to clear their exams.

Then again, a sum of 9,890 young lady applicants enrolled for the exams and 9,657 from them showed up. Around 3,975 hopefuls were effective making the general pass rate around 41.16 percent.

No less than 11 instances of utilizing unreasonable means amid exams were accounted for amid the yearly examinations and were conceded to the applicable board.

Just 10 young lady understudies had the capacity gain A-1 evaluation while four male and 156 more young lady hopefuls got An evaluation. Forty male competitors and 868 young ladies understudies went in B evaluation while 144 male and 1,734 female hopefuls oversaw achieve C grade. Around 133 more male understudies and 1,111 female understudies cleared their exams in D evaluation and nine male and 96 female understudies got E grade, separately.

Position holders

The main six positions were all packed away by understudies of the Iqra Huffaz Degree College.

Hafiza Hafsa Anwer (move number 561516) got 952 imprints out of an aggregate 1,100 and secured the first position with 86.55 percent marks.

Hafiza Ayesha Ilyas (move number 561514) got 939 imprints and stood second with 85.36 percent imprints while though Hafiza Afifa Bint-e-Qamar (move number 561512) was third with 935 imprints, 85 percent.

No less than 42 universities or HSS out of an aggregate 167 instructive establishments partnered with the BIEK created under 20 percent result and understudies from 16 of such schools neglected to go in a solitary paper.

Humanities private

The hypothesis exams of humanities gathering (private) were held between April 28 and May 16. Around 10,296 applicants enlisted for the exams out of which 3,957 hopefuls passed the exam, making the pass rate 40.19 percent.

Upwards of 3,865 male understudies enlisted and 3,640 showed up in the papers out of which 1,167 understudies cleared their exams.

The pass rate was 32.06 percent.

In the mean time, 6,431 female applicants enrolled out of which 6,205 understudies seemed and 2,790 figured out how to pass the exam making the pass rate around 44.96 percent.

Not a solitary male or female hopeful figured out how to get A-1 evaluation, while 21 male and 65 female understudies secured A review, 192 male and 561 female understudies got B review, 465 male and 1,239 female went in C review, 451 male and 856 female understudies cleared their papers in D evaluation while 38 male and 69 female applicants got E grade.

The BIEK controller of examinations said that no less than 74 instances of utilizing unjustifiable means were accounted for.

Position holders

Soleha Mobeen (move number 951603) stowed the first position with 858 imprints, 78 percent. Bilqees Shazadi (move number 950240) stood second with 855 imprints, 77.73 percent, while Rabia Javed (move number 950495) was third with 852 imprints, 77.45 percent.

Home financial aspects bunch

The exams were held between April 28 and May 20. An aggregate of 318 hopefuls enrolled for the exam out of which 315 seemed and 161 cleared the papers, making the general pass rate 51.11 percent.

As indicated by the BIEK journal, five competitors got A-1 review, 38 understudies A review, 44 B review, 55 understudies C evaluation and 19 applicants were announced to have cleared their exams with D grade.

Position holders

Saniya Jamal (move number 100707) got 994 imprints out of a sum of 1,200, and secured the first position with 82.83 percent score.

Maliha Fayyaz (move number 100608) stood second with 987 imprints, 82.25 percent, and Manal Mirza was third with 979 imprints, 81.58 percent.

PE certificate

A sum of 38 applicants enrolled for the exam held between April 29 and May 6 and 33 of them showed up.

Out of them 27 understudies cleared their papers making the general pass rate 81.82 percent.

Just two understudies figured out how to get An evaluation while 21 hopefuls passed their exams with B evaluation imprints and four secured C grade.

Extraordinary applicants

Exams for extraordinary applicants of humanities customary gathering were held between April 28 and May 16. Around 90 competitors, including 40 male and 50 female understudies, enlisted for the exam and cleared their papers.

Upwards of 10 male and 33 female applicants got A-1 review, 18 male and 14 female understudies A review, 11 male and three female hopefuls were proclaimed to have gone with B evaluation and one male understudy have C evaluation marks.

Position holders

All main three positions were packed away by the Dewa Higher Secondary School.

Nida Shams (move number 590543) packed away the first position with 979 imprints, 89 percent.

Maryam Ali (move number 590542) got the second position with 960 imprints, 87.27 percent while Iqra Khan (move number 590537) stood third with 954 imprints, 86.27 percent.