Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paintings exhibition inaugurated at Alhamra

LAHORE: Lakhs of kids are denied of essential instruction in the nation and it is need of great importance to furnish them with training, says a press discharge.

These perspectives were communicated by Qamar Riaz while tending to the inaugural capacity of his sketches.

Individuals having a place with varying backgrounds and craftsmanship darlings went to the capacity in extensive numbers.

The craftsman has depicted the substances of life in his painted creations in the light of his experience.

Qamar Riaz has given the name of his sketches "one alif" which is a development.

He said that the youngsters denied of training could be given instruction through a large number of new graduates by necessary group administration.

Capt Atta Muhammad, admiring the endeavors of Qamar Riaz, said that conveying the youngsters denied of instruction to schools is an exemplary mission and it is desperate need to deal with fundamental level for accomplishing this target.

Abbas Tabish and Yaqoob Izhar likewise talked on this event.