Friday, April 3, 2015

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) removed two area education officers

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) uprooted two zone training officers (AEOs) on the charge of delegating day by day wage representatives without taking after the due methodology.

A source in the FDE said Abbas Ali Makha and Bashir Arain, the region instruction officers (AEOs) Bhara Kahu and Nilor, were evacuated on Wednesday.

The source said the two officers were blamed for illicitly designating countless and non-showing staff on a day by day wage premise. The source said a request was likewise in progress against the officers for their asserted inclusion in the illicit arrangements.

Then again, the representatives who were selected by the two officers have been squeezing the FDE to pay them their compensations.

They have been guaranteeing that they were delegated on legitimacy. In the first stage, they were given an opportunity to function as volunteer educators and after that enlisted on a day by day wage premise.

"The FDE officers ought to visit schools and check the record of instructors paying little heed to the reality whether they were every day wagers or volunteers to focus the certainty. Each one of the individuals who are instructing in schools ought to be paid and the rest ought to be demonstrated the entryway," said a senior officer of the FDE on the state of namelessness.

He said Mustafa Qureshi had been made the new AEO Nilor and Fazle Mola has been given the charge of Bhara Kahu.