Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Students protest to vacate all the private hostels over security reasons

Kohat: Local political and social activists on Monday joined the protest of students Kohat Medical College at the college administration and the police to leave their order all households about security.

The leaders warned that if the order has not been revoked, so that they organize a sit-in at Martyrs square in front of the college administration.

According to the college administration can not the safety of any hostel after police declared as vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

The President Kohat Ameer Khan Afridi Qaumi Tehrik, PTI District President Hamayun Chacha and Rashid Bokhari while talking to students protest vowed to fight for their rights.

They passed four resolutions demanding the transfer of the rector of the university, discount medical department College, and the solution to the problem of the inns and ensure student safety.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Aube District Police said that the order did not specifically for students of the Faculty of Medicine, but also for students in Kohat University and other colleges as well.