Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Private and govt school heads educate by police on use of security software

Swabi: Monday's district police raised the principals and teachers of the heads of public institutions and private special software to be installed in mobile phones for the police to inform you in case of emergency to school.

The police in this regard district on Monday, to inform a meeting with the heads of educational institutions in Maneri school here on the use of the software.

Sajjad Khan, the district police officer informed the participants that the software would link schools and universities with the police lines Shahmansoor Swabi.

He said that the software application, the entire police department would have happened in the province of the location of the school, where the incident took place, to enable immediate action.

However, Khan warned misuse of the software to create problems for the two directors of the police and the school. The operator must use only in an emergency, "he said.

The Information Commissioner said the head of each school would have to buy a separate cell number and a mobile kit that could be used around the clock in order.