Thursday, March 19, 2015

Primary school teachers protest for salaries

Karachi, a group of teachers of elementary school a demonstration MA Jinnah Road on Tuesday against the non-payment of salaries for the past year.

Teacher shouted slogans against the indifferent attitude of the Support Unit to the reform of the Ministry of Education of the province of Sindh.

The protesters who were arrested distributes the input NJV School, home of the RSU office peacefully after negotiations with a police officer.

Working protesters in schools for the past three years have claimed, but did not receive the receipt of the regularization of the letters in the last year since their salaries.

"Other districts in the province receive salaries on time, but we did not and unfortunately there is no one to guide us," said one of the protesters,

They demanded the payment of all outstanding wages with immediate effect.

An RSU official, however, said that the necessary procedure was completed, while wages was not chosen because of their own; the officer advised them to be the director of schools needs.